Articles By Ewan Palmer

Nov 20, 2013

France: Spanish Green Activists Face Lengthy Jail Time over Yolanda Barcina Pie Protest

Case against Mugita protest over high-speed rail line in France and Basque country 'reminiscent of Spanish Inquisition'.

From Society Nov 19, 2013

Christianity ‘On the Brink of Extinction’ Warns Former Archbishop of Canterbury

Lord Carey warns Christianity is ‘generation away from extinction’ unless Church attracts more young people.

From Entertainment Nov 19, 2013

Another Dead Parrot? Monty Python to Reform for Stage Show [VIDEO]

Remaining members of classic British comedy group announce plans for new material.

From Sports Nov 19, 2013

World Chess Championship 2013: Photo Biography of Magnus Carlsen the Wonderkid of Chess

A look through Norwegian chess superstar’s career as he battles India’s Viswanathan Anand for the world title.

From Entertainment Nov 19, 2013

VIDEO: Rapper George Watsky Broke Woman's Arm in Terrifying 30ft Stage Dive

Rapper injured two audience members after jumping 12 metres off lighting rig at Alexandra Palace

From Society Nov 19, 2013

Bal Mohinder Singh Sues Son over £800m Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel Chain

Angry father suing eldest son for not sharing family wealth under Sikh 'Mitakshara' system.

From Society Nov 18, 2013

Female Serial Killer Joanna Dennehy Pleads Guilty to Three Murders

Surprise in court as woman admits to stabbing three men and dumping their bodies across Cambridgeshire.

From Society Nov 16, 2013

Panto Season 2013: Where to Watch: Guide to the UK's Best Pantomimes

A list of the best celebrity-filled family shows in London, Manchester, Cardiff and more

From Society Nov 16, 2013

Madeleine McCann: Investigation has Made Mum Kate Want to ‘Disappear’

Kate McCann tells of pressures of six-year search and how reopened probe has deprived her of sleep.

From Entertainment Nov 15, 2013

Former Playboy Model Brandi Brandt Accused of Cocaine Smuggling Charges

Former model extradited to Australia accused of being part of drug syndicate.