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iPhone 6

From Tech Jun 11

iPhone 6 Confirmed for Sept-Oct Release Dates as Apple Buoyed by 39M iPhone June Sales Forecast – Reports

The countdown clock for iPhone 6 release date will start ticking on September 2014 as analysts issued glowing projections of iPhone sales in the June quarter as well as the possible outing schedule for both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image

From Tech Jun 11

Beastly, Superfast Galaxy Note 4 on Release Date with Exynos/Snapdragon CPU, Cat6 LTE & 16MP OIS – Reports

It’ll be a monster Galaxy Note 4 release date on September 2014 as fresh information suggests anew of incredible feature upgrades from the Galaxy Note 3 last year bannered by 64-bit processing chips and the latest LTE technology.

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system

From Tech Jun 10

4 iOS 8 Killer Features Hinted for iPhone 6 & iPad Air 2, Mini 3 Release Dates

The iPhone 6 release date, as well as that of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, is loaded with killer features, clues of them are provided in the initial beta build of iOS 8, according to new reports.

From Tech Jun 10

2 Signs Google Nexus 8 Release Date Nears: Nexus 7 Now $190 on eBay & Leaked Tablet Pics

The Google Nexus 8 release date this 2014 could happen in a matter of few weeks or shortly after the I/O Developers Conference, thanks to two fresh solid indicators pointing to the vanilla Android tab’s looming debut.

From Tech Jun 09

3 Likely iPhone 6 Features on 2014 Release Date: Flashing Apple Logo, High-Speed Internet & Wireless Charging

The iPhone 6 on release date, according to a combo of supply chain chatter and newly-leaked images, will show off at least three new killer features this 2014.

From Tech Jun 08

Nexus 6 Release Date Hopes Rekindle as Google Accidentally Tweets Render of Nexus 5 Sequel

The Nexus 6 release date this 2014 slips back anew into the Android world consciousness as an image of the device hit Twitter, thanks mostly to an accidental Google leak.

From Tech Jun 08

Super-Slim iPhone 6 on Release Date Confirmed as Apple to Ditch 3.5mm Audio Jack for Lightning Port – Reports

For the iPhone 6 release date this 2014, Apple is reportedly transitioning into digital connections ports that likely will lead to the assembly of the slimmest iPhone model ever, according to new reports.

From Tech Jun 06

5 iOS 8 Feature Upgrades for Optimal iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 Experience on Release Date

What the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 will be on release date – their actual build plus the specs and features – this 2014 largely remains a mystery.

From Tech Jun 06

4 Likely iPhone 6 Features on Release Date: iWatch Pairing, Smart Headset, Advanced Messaging & TouchID Payment

The iPhone 6 on release date, thanks to iOS 8 and recent Apple acquisitions, is a smarter and feature-rich device, which applies for both the 4.7-inch, referred in some reports as iPhone Air, and 5.5-inch models.

From Tech Jun 06

Leaked Google Nexus 8 Pics Confirm Q3 2014 Release Date with Key Specs & Features – Reports

Ahead of its rumoured release date in the third quarter of 2014, the Google Nexus 8 provided a glimpse of its body build plus the key specs and features that the 8.9-inch vanilla Android tablet will display right out of the box.