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iPhone 6

From Tech Jul 04

iPhone 6 Release Date Likely Moved to Sept 26 as Next iPhone is Optimised for One-Hand Use – Reports

The iPhone 6 release date this 2014, according to the latest reports from China, is in line for a September global rollout with the device unveiling and actual availability to happen within the month.


From Tech Jul 03

HTC Nexus 9 on Release Date Confirmed with 2K Display, 64-Bit NVIDIA Chip, 5GB RAM & 8MP Cam – Reports

The Google Nexus 8 on its release date will hit the market as the HTC Nexus 9 and judging on the latest leaked specs, the vanilla Android slate is a raging bull that aims to tussle with the industry leaders.

TracBeam Sues Apple

From Tech Jul 03

iPhone 6 on Release Date with Voice Messaging, iWatch Pairing Will Sell 58M+ Units – Analysts

The iPhone 6 on its release date this 2014 is naturally stuffed with loads of killer features and likely among them is voice messaging that Apple CEO Tim Cook envisions could eventually replace texting, according to new reports.

From Tech Jul 02

Moto X+1 vs. iPhone 6: 4 Ways Motorola Android Flagship Will Beat Apple's Next iPhone

The Moto X+1 release date this 2014 is far from being confirmed but the stuff that the device is made of is fast shaping and the latest details are provided by a Brazilian retail player.

iPhone 6

From Tech Jul 02

iPhone 6 Sept 19 Release Date Firms Up as Apple Maps Out 2015 Production of 14nm A9 Chip

The iPhone 6 release date this 2014, supposedly on September 19, appears to stand on solid ground as Apple is reported to have commenced preparing for the mass production of its next-gen A-series processing chip – the 14nm A9 CPU.

A woman holds her new Apple iPhone 5S after buying it at an Apple Store at Tokyo's Ginza shopping district

From Tech Jul 01

Super-Thin iPhone 6 on Sept 19 Release Date Confirmed with LTPS Display & Curved Screen Panel – Reports

The iPhone 6 on release date this 2014 is likely the slimmest ever that Apple will build as fresh indications emerged that point to the display panel attributes of the device plus its overall make.


From Tech Jul 01

Nexus 6, 8 Release Date Update: 8 Killer Features to Get from Android L-Powered 2014 Nexus Devices

Google has confirmed that the Nexus devices are far from dead, giving fresh hope to pure Android followers that release dates for the Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 remain alive and will indeed happen anytime in the second half of 2014.

From Tech Jun 30

iPhone 6 Release Date Update: 6 Apple Patents Likely to Become Killer Features on Sept 19

The iPhone 6 release date this 2014 will most likely happen on September 19 and as the device’s estimated time of arrival is seemingly settled, the next question pops up: What stuff the next iPhone is made of?

From Tech Jun 28

iPhone 6 Release Date Likely Earlier than Sept 19 as Walmart Sells iPhone 5S at $100

The iPhone 6 release date this 2014 is reportedly on September 19 but the awaited event could happen even earlier as U.S. giant retailer Walmart starts selling the 2013 Apple flagship, the iPhone 5S, for only $100.

iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako

From Tech Jun 27

4 Reasons Why 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Phablet on Release Date Will Outsell its 4.7-Inch Sibling

Ahead of the rumoured iPhone 6 release date on September 2014, the killer specs and features for the device are gradually firming up – providing a clear picture of what Apple fans will take home on D-Day.