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Apple Ipad tablet

From Tech Sep 04

Slimmer, More Powerful iPad Air 2, Mini 3 with Touch ID Tipped on Nearing Release Date

The first iPad Air featured a trimmed down profile and a very capable 64-bit dual-core A7 chip, which a new report said will be upgraded in time for the fast-approaching iPad Air 2 release date.

iPhone 6

From Tech Sep 03

Sept 19 iPhone 6 Release Date is Two Days After iOS 8 Global Rollout – Report

Apple’s September 9 media event is widely believed to unveil the iPhone 6 with the actual release date surely to follow 10 days after – that is if the company will adhere to a pattern that apparently is in use since 2011.

Nexus 6

From Tech Sep 02

Nexus 6 Release Date Update: Moto X+1 Look Leaked, Nexus X or Shamu Moved to Demo Phase

The Nexus 6 release date is only a matter of few months or even weeks if reports are true and unsurprisingly as D-Day approaches more details or at least hints about the device are trickling down.

iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako

From Tech Sep 02

5.5-Inch iPhone 6 is iPhone Air on Sept 19 Release Date: 5 Things to Consider Before Buying

A jumbo-sized iPhone 6 at 5.5-inch on release date is firming up further as new reports support the impending arrival of Apple’s biggest smartphone ever.

A Google Search Page Is Reflected In Sunglasses In This Photo Illustration

From Tech Sep 01

Google Nexus 8 Confirmed as HTC T1 aka Volantis/Flounder with Freshly-Leaked Specs & Features – Reports

More leaked details appear to confirm that the upcoming HTC T1 tablet will be the Google Nexus 6 on release date as the fresh torrent of tweets revealed the device’s market destination and accessories.

iPhone 6

From Tech Sep 01

Pricey iPhone 6 on Release Date Likely but with 3X Retina Resolution & Mobile Payment Service – Reports

Touted as a major makeover from the iPhone 5S, it appears that the iPhone 6 on release date will not come cheap as sticker price of the upcoming device could easily start at premium point.

Nexus 6

From Tech Aug 31

Nexus 6 on Release Date Confirmed with Phablet-Size Display as FCC Filing Hints of 5.9-Inch Screen

The Nexus 6 or X on release date will sport a supersized display panel measuring up to 5.9-inch, that is if the Google flagship smartphone will be built around the upcoming Moto X+1.

The Apple logo is pictured at a retail store in the Marina neighborhood in San Francisco, California

From Tech Aug 30

Sept 19 iPhone 6 Release Date Firms Up as iWatch Rollout Delayed to Jan 2015 – Reports

It is likely that the iPhone 6 release date on September 19 will happen as reported but Apple fans wanting to flaunt the new smartphone with its iWatch accessory come Christmas 2014 could be in for a bit of disappointment, according to a new report.

The Apple logo Is Pictured Inside The Newly Opened Omotesando Apple Store

From Tech Aug 29

Apple iWatch is iPhone 6 Accessory on Sept 19 Release Date: 6 Confirmed Specs & Features

The Apple invites have been sent out, essentially confirming that the iPhone 6 grand introduction is on September 9 2014 and most likely one week after the most-awaited release date of the device will happen.

iPhone 6

From Tech Aug 28

Sept 19 iPhone 6 Release Date Confirmed as Apple Sets Sept 9 iWatch, 2 iPhones Intro - Report

Apple will definitely uncloak its flagship smartphone on September 9 along with the rumoured iWatch, a new report said, setting the stage for the actual iPhone 6 release date to happen one week after or September 9 at the latest.