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A Woman Tries the Silver Colored Version of the New iPhone 5S After Apple Inc's Media Event in Cupertino, California

From Tech Mar 25

iPhone 6 Release Date Real Soon as Best Buy Dangles 16GB iPhone 5S For $1?

Is the iPhone 6 release date coming very soon as the tag price of its predecessor, the iPhone 5S, is now set by Best Buy at dirt cheap $1 for the 16GB variant with two-year contract?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image

From Tech Mar 25

3 Confirmed Galaxy Note 4 Features on Release Date: IP67 Certification, Flexible QHD 2K Display & Biometric Security

Release date of the Galaxy Note 4 this 2014 is still some months away but the fresh capabilities that the device will show off are pretty much hinted by the upcoming Galaxy S5.

Awesome iPhone 6 Render with Wraparound Screen, Touch ID Surface as More Clues Point to Apple Phablet Release Date on Q1 2014

From Tech Mar 25

iPhone 6 Release Date is August 2014 as Apple Plans Shift to Automated Battery Assembly – Reports

The iPhone 6 release date is now forecasted to happen on August 2014 as Apple reportedly plans a major production shift, opting to automatically manufacture the battery packs to come with the next iPhone.

iPhone 6

From Tech Mar 24

Apple Hints of 2 Cool iPhone 6 Features on Release Date: Smart Stylus & PowerVR Wizard GPU

The iPhone 6 on release date, no doubt, is loaded with fresh and powerful features – and likely among them is an intelligent stylus and a GPU that makes for a near realistic graphic rendition.

Google Nexus 8

From Tech Mar 24

Google Taps HTC for 8.9-Inch Nexus 8 Replacing Nexus 10 2; Release Date Set in Q3 2014 with $300+ Price Tag – Reports

Google has reportedly nixed plans for a Nexus 10 2 release date, opting instead for an 8.9-inch Nexus 8 that Taiwan’s HTC will manufacture.

Nexus 6 concept image

From Tech Mar 23

Google Nexus 6 is LG G3 Codenamed ‘LG B2’ – On Course for July 2014 Release Date as LG Flagship Set for June Debut

The Google Nexus 6 release date is likely to take place as early as July 2014 even as its rumoured base-model, the LG G3, is reportedly set for commercial rollout in June 18 or 19.

iPhone 4

From Tech Mar 22

Evasi0n7 iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Release Date Nears as Dev @Winocm Unlocks A4 Chip-Series iPhone 4?

Could it be that Team Evad3rs is in the process of prying open soon Apple’s iOS 7.1 as popular developer @Winocm paved the way by proving that the freshly-unleashed mobile OS can be unlocked via the 4-year old iPhone 4?

Awesome iPhone 6 Render with Wraparound Screen, Touch ID Surface as More Clues Point to Apple Phablet Release Date on Q1 2014

From Tech Mar 22

2 Confirmed Killer iPhone 6 Features on Release Date? Enhanced 8MP Cam with Faster Lens & Smart Battery App

The iPhone 6 on release date will feature major upgrades that mainly focus on the iOS device’s existing selling points – wielding a technically enhanced shooter and a smart battery application.

The iPad Air

From Tech Mar 20

iPad Air vs. (Re-Issued) iPad 4: 4 Reasons Why the Latest & Pricier iPad Build is the Better Buy

Apple retired the second-gen iPad this week and breathed new life to the iPad 4, offering the ageing iOS tab anew for $400 with supposedly significant improvements in camera and other key features.

Apple's iPhone 5Cs are displayed on racks bearing the logo of China Mobile in Beijing

From Tech Mar 20

Forget 8GB iPhone 5C – Google Nexus 5, Moto G Offer Better Deal, Pricing Plus Supreme Specs & Features

In a surprise move and a few months prior to the anticipated iPhone 6 release date, Apple released this week a ‘cheaper’ 8GB variant of the colourful iPhone 5C in selected countries, Australia including.