Articles By Erik Pineda

From Tech May 19

Google Nexus 8 Confirmed for Q4 2014 Release Date: 4 Things to Know

It looked like Google has finally turn the page on the Nexus 10 2, focusing instead on the 8.9-inch Nexus 8 that supposedly got its official confirmation for a release date later this 2014.

iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako

From Tech May 19

10 Power Feature Upgrades Likely On-Board for iPhone 6 Release Date this 2014

The iPhone 6 on its 2014 release date is highly anticipated to wallop out of the box packed with impressive capabilities that further add up to its rumoured killer features and supposed alluring look.

From Tech May 16

These 5 Power Nexus 6 Features on Release Date Will Outclass iPhone 6, 2014 Android Rivals

What will make the Google Nexus 6 a sure-fire hit on its rumoured Q3 2014 release date? The key would be killer handset features that will take eyes off the iPhone 6 and other 2014 flagships.

From Tech May 16

This 'New' iPad Mini is Assembled in China but not Designed in California – Android-Powered Xiaomi MiPad

Another likely iPad Mini killer has surfaced from where the hugely popular iOS tablet is assembled – in China.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image

From Tech May 15

Galaxy Note 4 on Sept 2014 Release Date is Paired with Samsung Glass Gear – Reports

In time for the Galaxy Note 4 release date, rumoured set on September 2014, Samsung is reportedly packing its next-gen phablet with a wearable device that will be known as the Glass Gear.

From Tech May 15

iPhone 6 Release Date Back to Sept 2014 as Display Specs & Features Start Firming Up

The iPhone 6 release date this 2014 appears to have been finalised as new reports indicate that the most awaited event in the Apple universe will take place in the middle part of September.

From Tech May 14

LG G3 Release Date is June 2014: 5 Confirmed Specs & Features So Far

LG G3, rumoured as the likely template for the Google Nexus 6, is set for a grand revelation on May 27 but the release date will not happen until late June 2014.

From Tech May 14

3 Likely iPhone 6 Features on Release Date: Sidewall Display, HD Audio & Split-Screen View

The iPhone 6 on its 2014 release date will likely feature a flexible display in sidewall render, superb audio entertainment and a multitasking-friendly viewing panel thanks to iOS 8 and new Apple patents.

From Tech May 14

Nexus 7 with £50 Gift Card & Nexus 6, 8 Leaks Point to Looming Release Dates

Google appears to point its compass for explosive and successive Android-related events beginning in June 2014, likely culminating in Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 release dates set within the third quarter of the year.

From Tech May 13

iPhone 6 Release Will Kill iPad Air, iPad Mini as Analysts Grim on 2014 Tablet Prospects

The iPhone 6 release date happening soon this 2014 normally excites but a new report offers another side of the narrative – that Apple’s rumoured oversized smartphone could prove as the real iPad killer.