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iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako

From Tech Jun 17

iPhone 6 on Release Date Confirmed with Slim-Build, Large Screen, 64-Bit A8 Chip & 10MP Cam – Reports

The iPhone 6 on release date this 2014 is likely to prove right most of its rumoured specs and features, headlined by a lightweight and slim build with a 64-bit A8 processing chip plus a killer camera combo.

From Tech Jun 16

iPhone 6 Release Date Update: 12 New Power Specs & KIller Features to Expect

The iPhone 6 release date this 2014 inches closer as more clues that suggest of exciting device capabilities and killer features continue to surface, the latest of which is the pics showing off the dummy representation of the actual device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image

From Tech Jun 16

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date is Sept via 2014 Berlin IFA: 4 Confirmed Specs & Features So Far

The Galaxy Note 4 release date is on September 2014 as reports last week say that Samsung is again using the Berlin IFA edition this year to initially show off the fresh specs and killer features of its fourth-gen phablet flagship.

From Tech Jun 14

Sapphire-Coated iPhone 6, iWatch on Release Date Confirmed as Apple Tipped for Epic 2014-2015 Sales – Reports

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to pair with the iWatch on release date this 2014 and according to analysts, the two iOS devices would be responsible for the giant cash haul that will greet Apple in 2014 with the bonanza extending to the end of 2015.

iOS 8

From Tech Jun 13

iOS 7.1.1 Unlocker First then iOS 8 Jailbreak Release Date as Cydia Gets Key Upgrades – Reports

No word yet from Team Evad3rs on when the iOS 7.1.1 or iOS 8 jailbreak release date will be even as Cydia, where JB tweaks and apps are sourced from, is bumped up for “easier and faster use.”

From Tech Jun 13

$300 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 on 2014 Release Date, iWatch are Huge Revenue Generators for Apple – Analyst

The iPhone 6 on its release date this 2014 plus the feature-rich iWatch, said a new report, will propel Apple to new record highs that could see the company’s stock price easily breaching the $100 mark following its 7-for-1 spit this week.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image

From Tech Jun 12

2 Signs Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Nears: Note 3 Price Cut & Note 4 Concepts Galore

The Galaxy Note 4 release date this 2014 may be months away but signs are in steady supply that Samsung could conveniently opt to advance its Unpacked Episode 2 plans for the fourth edition of the original phablet.

From Tech Jun 12

iPad Air 2, Mini 3 Mass Production Begins: 5 Feature Upgrades Likely for Sept-Oct Release Date

The iPad Air 2 release date, along with the iPad Mini 3, appears on course in the latter months of 2014 as reports from Asia indicate that volume production of the two devices has entered the early phase.

Nexus 6

From Tech Jun 11

2 Signs Nexus 6 Release Date Remains Likely: Nexus 5 Price Cut & KitKat 4.4.3 Update Hiccups

The Google Nexus 6 release date is up in the air and it has been the case since reports about the Android Silver Project started swirling but recent developments seem to suggest the Nexus 5 could still come out this 2014.

iPhone 6

From Tech Jun 11

iPhone 6 Confirmed for Sept-Oct Release Dates as Apple Buoyed by 39M iPhone June Sales Forecast – Reports

The countdown clock for iPhone 6 release date will start ticking on September 2014 as analysts issued glowing projections of iPhone sales in the June quarter as well as the possible outing schedule for both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models.