Articles By Erik Pineda

From Tech Jun 22

Super-Slim 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 on Release Date Confirmed with 7-Row, 5-Column Apps Icon HomeScreen Configuration – Reports

Ahead of the iPhone 6 release date in the second half of 2014, freshly-leaked details about the device showed off a phablet-size display profile and its likely iOS 8 screen apps icon placement that dwarfs over the previous models.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image

From Tech Jun 21

Galaxy Note 4 SM-910C vs. Galaxy Note 4 SM-910S: Exynos Super Phablet Outclasses Snapdragon Twin

There will be two Galaxy Note 4s on release date this 2014 and according to a leaked AnTuTu Benchmark report, one of the devices will be so powerful that it easily overwhelms the other thus giving clues to hardcore Android fans what they’re getting out of the box.

From Tech Jun 20

Nexus 8 Release Date Nears as KitKat 4.4.4 Hits Nexus Devices & Flagship Google Plays Disappear

The Nexus 8 release date is expected shortly after the Google I/O event this late June and likely preceded by the much-awaited Android 4.5 or 5.0 revelation.

From Tech Jun 20

iPhone 6 Release Date Moved to October 2014 for Simultaneous Launch with 2.5-Inch iWatch – Reports

The iPhone 6 release date this year could be pushed back a bit – from September to October – as new reports emerge that the iWatch is poised to begin mass production in July and will hit the market in the first month of Q4 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image

From Tech Jun 19

Galaxy Note 4 on Release Date Will Come with S-Pen Stylus Slot on Top-Edge Corner

The Galaxy Note 4 on release date, according to Samsung, will sport a new form-factor, which partly could be in the new way that the S Pen stylus will slide in and out of the fourth-gen phablet flagship.

From Tech Jun 19

iPhone 6 Release Date Nears as Apple iOS Device Components Production Ramps Up in Asia

The iPhone 6 release date this 2014 is gradually appearing on the horizon as fresh report from Asia, where the iOS 8-powered smartphone will be assembled, indicated of ramped up production for components that will end up with the device.

From Tech Jun 19

No Nexus 6 2014 Release Date as LG Confirms Google Nexus 5 Sequel is Dead – Reports

If a Google Nexus 6 release date is in the pipeline anytime soon, LG would have known by now – that is if the maker of Nexus 4 and 5 is the anointed one.

From Tech Jun 18

2 Proofs iPhone 6 on Release Date is Phablet-Size & 2 Reasons Explaining the Upsize Move

The iPhone 6 release date this 2014 is highly anticipated due to its reported new form-factor, likely much thinner and lighter than the iPhone 5S was in 2013 and boasting of larger screen profiles – specifically in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch builds.

From Tech Jun 18

iPad Air 2, Mini 3 on Release Date Confirmed with Touch ID, Body-Design Revisions & Split-Screen – Reports

What the iPad Air 2 and the Mini 3 on release date this 2014 appears gradually shaping up and the latest indicator is the fresh bunch of alleged prototype images that new reports said are currently circulating in Chinese and Japanese online forums.

From Tech Jun 17

Still No Nexus 6 as Moto X+1 Release Date Likely on Aug-Sept 2014 with 5 Confirmed Features

As the Nexus 6 release date sounds more elusive, its rumoured alter ego, the Moto X+1, is likely to become a reality in the few months ahead, based on new reports pointing to the device’s key specs and features.