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Russian President Putin and US President Obama/Reuters File

From Politics & Policy 1:16 pm

Russia Operates Object 2014-28E Satellite Killer; Feared as Potent Weapon in Waging War Against U.S. – Reports

A mysterious satellite, known as Object 2014-28E, that Russia secretly sent into orbit last May 2014 is drawing concerns from scientists. It could prove as Moscow’s deadliest weapon in case of shooting war with the United States, reports say.

Russia's President Putin addresses audience in Ulan Bator

From Politics & Policy 7:13 pm

Russia Is Ready for Shooting War, Will Likely Win Looming Nuclear Showdown with U.S. – Report

Preparedness for a nuclear conflict could prove as the foremost tactical advantage of Russia over the United States, likely positioning Moscow to score a win in case a shooting World War III with Washington as nemesis erupts.

A woman looks at the screen of her mobile phone in front of an Apple logo outside its store in downtown Shanghai September 10, 2013.

From Tech 3:26 pm

Apple iPhone 7 is Likely Packed with Killer Virtual Reality Feature on Release Date

Apple is reportedly working on a new project that involves Virtual Reality or VR, elements of which could be packed with the tech giant’s next iPhone release date or as rumours would call the iPhone 7.

Samsung Electronics Main Office In Seoul

From Tech Nov 25

2 Reasons Samsung Will Need to Rush Galaxy S6 Release Date

For Samsung the number speak volume as its Q3 2014 result indicated that the Galaxy S5 was hardly the hit gadget the company had envisioned, likely prompting an advanced release date for the Galaxy S5 in 2015.

A  man holds an iPhone 6 in a mobile phone shop in Moscow September 26, 2014. Official sales of Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus started at midnight on Friday across major cities in Russia, according to local media.

From Tech Nov 25

16GB iPhone 6 for $99 at Sam’s Club is the Best 2014 Black Friday Deal Around

Apple has just confirmed that no significant discounts will be offered from its retails stores this week so buyers need to look elsewhere for that juicy Black Friday deals on iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

From Books Nov 24

World War 3 Triggers: Recent Tom Clancy Books Offer 3 Likely Starts of Global Conflict

Prior to the wild talks and rumours that Russia could instigate World War III due to recent actions in Ukraine and its general posturing, bestselling author Tom Clancy had actually floated three global war scenarios – one of them pointing to Moscow as a key actor.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

From Tech Nov 24

Nexus 6 & 9 Plagued by Performance Hiccups Blamed on Android 5.0 Lollipop Robust Security Feature

One killer feature that Google proudly delivered with the Nexus 6 and 9, both powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop, is default data encryption.

Apple's iPhone 6 are displayed during a news conference by Customs and Excise Department and the police in Hong Kong September 21, 2014. Hong Kong customs and marine police on Saturday foiled a smuggling case involving a speedboat carrying 138 iPhone 6, a

From Tech Nov 24

Walmart Offers the Best 2014 Black Friday Deals on iPhone 6, iPad Ai2 & Other Gadgets – Reports

Deal hunters on Black Friday this week need only to zero in on Walmart for the lowest priced iPhone 6, iPad Air and other gadgets.

The Apple logo.

From Tech Nov 21

Apple iPhone 7 Will Boast of Shatter-Proof Glass Cover & Dual Lens Camera on Release Date

The next iPhone, rumoured as the iPhone 7 on release date, will likely sport a nearly unbreakable glass display while wielding a rear camera that is equipped with a DSLR-quality two-lens sensor.

The Apple logo.

From Tech Nov 20

Samsung, TSMC Scuffle to Supply A9 Application Processor for iPhone 7 2015 Release Date – Report

In supplying the A9 application processor that will power the iPhone 7, said to be scheduled for a 2015 release date, it remains a toss between Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a new report said.