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Valdimur Putin

From Politics & Policy 3:20 pm

US-Russia Nuclear Showdown Looms as Putin Greets Fresh Obama Sanctions with 80+ New ICBMs by 2015 – Reports

Unfazed by the string of economic pressures from the West, as headlined by the fresh sanctions announced Friday by U.S. President Barack Obama, Russian leader Vladimir Putin revealed this week that Moscow will acquire 50 more intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) by end of 2015, further increasing the drumbeats of war.

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin attend a family photo shoot for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' meeting at the International Convention Center at Yanqi Lake in Beijing, November 11, 201

From Politics & Policy Dec 19

2 Secret Weapons US Will Use in War versus Russia: Guided Bullet and Drone-Like Nuclear Bomber

As reports continue to pour in that Russia is battle-ready and raring to take on the United States and its NATO allies boasting of tactical nuclear advantages and secret weapons, America is making sure that it has its share too of ready-to-unleashed hidden killers if World War III goes off.

Russia's President Putin addresses audience in Ulan Bator

From Politics & Policy Dec 17

As Rouble Collapses Russia Touts War-Readiness with Secret Weapons – Nuclear Missile Trains & Sub-Launched Robots, Drones

As if unmindful of its financial woes that pile up by the day – the falling rouble, the plunging oil prices and the economic sanctions from the West – Russia has decided to uncloak a number of the secret weapons that likely will see action in case of a nuclear showdown with the United States.

A woman looks at the screen of her mobile phone in front of an Apple logo outside its store in downtown Shanghai September 10, 2013.

From Tech Dec 17

Fresh Concept Visualises iPhone 7 on Release Date with Super-Slim Build & Sensor-Based Killer Features

In replacing the iPhone 6, Apple fans but expect the iPhone 7 on release date to showcase compelling upgrades – both in build, which likely is leaner and lighter than the current model, specs and the mainstay killer features.

Russian President Putin and US President Obama/Reuters File

From Politics & Policy Dec 16

3 Proofs Russia Will Retaliate Against Planned Economic Sanctions, Military Aid to Ukraine by U.S.

As U.S. President Barack Obama mulls over the fresh round of economic sanctions against Russia and the military aid to Ukraine that the American Congress has recently approved, Russia is showing signs that it is ready to meet pressure with force.

Pirate Bay co-founders Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Peter Sunde leave the city court after the last day of argument's in their copyright trial in Stockholm

From Tech Dec 16

The Pirate Bay Remains Offline but Hints of Big Comeback as Torrent Fans Flock to Alternatives

The Pirate Bay dropped clues that it is fighting back and will soon surprise its legion of fans worldwide with a comeback that one TPB crew vowed will happen “with a bang.

Russian President Putin and US President Obama/Reuters File

From Politics & Policy Dec 15

U.S. Ukraine Policy Could Spark World War 3; Putin Critic Urges West to Go Easy on Russians

The U.S. Congress has authorised President Barack Obama to support Ukraine militarily on its fight against Russia, an action that a new report said will serve as pretext to start World War III against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A woman looks at the screen of her mobile phone in front of an Apple logo outside its store in downtown Shanghai September 10, 2013.

From Tech Dec 15

iPhone 6S Release Date on Spring 2015, iPhone 7 in September as Samsung Starts A9 Chip Production

Apple appears on course for a spring 2015 release date of the iPhone 6S that will be followed shortly by the iPhone 7 in September of the same year as Samsung has reportedly commenced production of the application processor that will power both devices – the 64-bit A9 chip.

Russian President Putin Delivers a Speech during a Meeting at Kremlin in Moscow

From Politics & Policy Dec 14

Ready-To-Fire Nuclear Missiles, Putin Cold War Rhetoric Must Be Addressed to Prevent World War 3 – Reports

The world is frightfully a heartbeat away from a dreadful nuclear showdown between Russia and the United States, which is a scenario increasingly posed by the existence of ready-to-launch nuclear missiles.

Valdimur Putin

From Politics & Policy Dec 13

Russia Rules Out Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack But Will Strike When Provoked or Under Threat – Report

As reports came out that Russia under President Vladimir Putin is getting overly aggressive in Europe, per NATO claims, analysts begin to entertain fears of pre-emptive nuclear strike by the Kremlin.