Articles By Eleazar David Meléndez

From Economy Sep 19, 2012

Markets Keep Rallying as Companies Brace for Tough Third Quarter

The stock markets are having a monster rally. But next earnings season might challenge that.

From Politics & Policy Sep 18, 2012

People Take To The Streets As Protests Rage Across The Globe

Photos from demonstrations around the world Friday through Monday, including Occupy Wall Street in New York, marches against austerity in Europe, anti-Japan demonstrations in China, and street action in the Muslim world.

From Economy Sep 18, 2012

Awful 'Empire State' Manufacturing Data From The New York Fed Leaves Markets Unmoved

Financial markets yawned Monday in the face of an anemic U.S. manufacturing report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York that showed industrial production in the Northeast falling to a nearly two-year low.

From Economy Sep 15, 2012

QE3 Reviving Fears Of Global Currency Wars

Thursday's announcement by the U.S. Federal Reserve that it would be engaging in a third round of open-ended bond-buying, known as QE3, to energize the economy saw a resoundingly positive reception in the foreign financial markets, where indexes rose Friday.

From Companies Sep 15, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 LTE Data Plan Won't Work On China's Largest Network

The Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone 5 won't work on the LTE infrastructure of China's largest mobile network, Nomura analysts reported Friday, the latest setback for a launch that is not making the expected waves in that Asian country.

From Economy Sep 14, 2012

Fed Recap: Chairman Bernanke Defends QE3, Pre-Empts Political Criticism

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke offered a spirited defense Thursday of the bank's decision to launch QE3, as the central bank's third round of quantitative easing is known, amid speculation that the initiative may have been politically motivated as the presidential election nears.

From Economy Sep 14, 2012

Bernanke Press Conference On QE3 - Live Blog

The Fed's decision to increase securities purchases by $40 billion per month - QE3 - exceeded analysts' expectations, and in his press conference Bernanke outlined the central bank's reasons for the move.

From Economy Sep 14, 2012

Fed Announces QE3, Bigger Than Expected

The Federal Reserve will begin buying more than $80 billion of securities per month in the third attempt at stimulating the U.S. economy by boosting the central bank's balance sheet.

From Global Markets Sep 13, 2012

Wall Street Setting Itself Up For Collateral Meltdown Daisy Chain All Over Again: Bloomberg News

Less than 24 hours after the U.S. government reported it was mostly done with its money-losing bailout of AIG, a Bloomberg News article out Tuesday explained how Wall Street banks are setting themselves up for the next systemic crisis by playing at financial alchemy in the derivatives market.

From Economy Sep 13, 2012

Washington Bends Logic Into Mobius Strip To Show Profit On AIG Bailout

The U.S. government went into a full-throated propaganda offensive on Tuesday in an effort to show that the highly controversial 2008 bailouts of American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG) were profitable.