Articles By Edward Smith

From Tech Jul 17, 2013

Government to Test Driverless Cars on Public Roads by End of 2013

Driverless cars will be tested on public UK roads before the end of 2013

From Tech Jul 17, 2013

Sony Trialled Sweat Sensitive PS4 Controller

PlayStation 4 controller was set to feature a sensor for measuring players' sweat levels.

From Tech Jul 17, 2013

Survey Reveals Game Developers’ Disinterest in Xbox One

A survey has shown game developers are more interested in making games for PlayStation 4 than Xbox One

From Tech Jul 16, 2013

Oculus Wants Rift to be Available for Free

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset may one day be available for free, its creator has said

From Tech Jul 16, 2013

Teenager Dies from Heart Attack While Playing Xbox

A 16-year-old boy has died from a heart attack while playing his Xbox

From Tech Jul 16, 2013

Top Five Games to Buy in the Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale has started, so be sure to pick up Portal, Fallout and Max Payne 3

From Tech Jul 16, 2013

Sony Accepts £250,000 PlayStation Network Hacking Fine

Sony has dropped its appeal against the £250,000 fine issued following a cyber-attack on the PlayStation Network

From Tech Jul 15, 2013

Valve Introduces 'Pipeline' Youth Talent Scheme

Half-Life and Portal creator Valve has launched Pipeline, a scheme to train and recruit young game developers - which could come to the UK.

From Tech Jul 15, 2013

Microsoft Didn’t Push DRM Benefits Enough Says Xbox One Developer

On Reddit, an Xbox One developer has criticised Microsoft for not pushing the benefits of the console's DRM policies

From Tech Jul 13, 2013

Mobile Game of the Week - Quell: Memento

Our mobile game of the week this week is Quell: Memento, by independent studio Fallen Tree Games