Articles By Edward Smith

From Tech Jul 22, 2013

Apple Confirms Developer Website Cyber-Attack

Apple has confirmed a cyber-attack on its developer website though says no financial data was accessed.

From Tech Jul 20, 2013

Mobile Game of the Week - The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Our mobile game of the week is The Walking Dead: 400 Days, now available on iOS.

From Tech Jul 19, 2013

Gambling Websites Paying Protection to Cyber Blackmailers

DDoS attacks against gambling websites are seen as a cost of doing business, a cyber-security expert says

From Tech Jul 19, 2013

Ouya Launches $1m Game Developer Fund

Ouya has launched a $1m fund to match money raised by developers on Kickstarter

From Tech Jul 19, 2013

16-Year-Old Earns £75,000 Playing Videogames in Just One Year

Lee Seung-hyan among highest-paid professional videogame players.

From Tech Jul 19, 2013

Hitler, the Holocaust, God, George Bush and 9/11 Top Most Edited Wikipedia Articles

Researchers pinpoint most often edited Wikipedia articles in so-called edit wars.

From Tech Jul 18, 2013

Top 10 Android Apps of the Week

We round up the top ten Android apps of the week including Crazy Taxi, Imgur and The Silent Age

From Tech Jul 18, 2013

Oculus Looking to Support Rift on Smartphones; CEO Says Consoles “Not a Focus”

The Oculus Rift may be coming to smartphones, though console support is apparently not a priority.

From Tech Jul 17, 2013

Why Games Matter Blog - The Last of Us and The Walking Dead Get Zombies Right

The Last of Us and The Walking Dead keep zombies off-screen and are more interesting for it.

From Tech Jul 17, 2013

GCHQ Spies Cleared of Illegal Use of Prism Data

An investigation has found GCHQ's use of data obtained via the Prism programme to be entirely legal