Articles By Edward Smith

From Tech Jul 25, 2013

Google Announces New Thinner and Lighter Nexus 7

Google has officially confirmed the follow up to its Nexus 7 tablet, which runs Android 4.3

From Tech Jul 25, 2013

Why Games Matter Blog - How Much Should a Videogame Cost?

Looking ahead to the next console generation, should the cost of buying videogames go up or down?

From Tech Jul 25, 2013

New Videogame Aims to Help Cure Cancer

A new smartphone game called GameGene will allow players to contribute to cancer treatment research just by playing.

From Tech Jul 24, 2013

Microsoft Confirms $39.99 Price of Xbox One Games

Microsoft's online store list Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome for sale at £49.99.

From Tech Jul 23, 2013

Royal Baby Boy: 25,000 Tweets Sent Per Minute Following Royal Baby’s Birth

Twitter users have responded to news of the Royal baby, with over 25,000 tweets sent per minute following the birth.

From Tech Jul 23, 2013

Ouya Developers Reveal Game Sales Figures

Developers have released initial sales figures for their Ouya games, saying they range from disappointing to surprisingly high.

From Tech Jul 23, 2013

UK Court to Block File-Sharing Sites EZTV and YIFY

File-sharing sites EZTV and YIFY will be blocked in the UK following a High Court order.

From Tech Jul 23, 2013

First LGBT Game Conference Due to Start in August

GaymerX, the first gaming conference dedicated to the LGBT community, is set to begin in August

From Tech Jul 23, 2013

Oddworld Creator on Xbox One: “There Should Be a Big, Mass Firing”

Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning has criticised Microsoft's Xbox One, saying the console's marketing team should be fired.

From Tech Jul 22, 2013

London-based Security Researcher Claims Responsibility for Apple Developer Site Breach

London-based security researcher Ibrahim Balic claims responsibility for breach of Apple's developer website