Articles By Edward Smith

From Tech Aug 08, 2013

Sony Confirms Most PlayStation 4 Services Remain Free as Microsoft Continues Charging

Entertainment apps on the Xbox One will require a Gold subscription, while on the PS4 they will be freely available

From Tech Aug 07, 2013

Why Games Matter Blog - What I've Learned After a Year in Games Journalism

In the final Why Games Matter, I offer three lessons on writing about games professionally.

From Tech Aug 07, 2013

Vodafone Launching 4G Network in London on 29 August

Vodafone will launch its 4G network on 29 August, on the same day as its rival O2.

From Tech Aug 07, 2013

British Teenager Crowned Microsoft World Champion [VIDEO]

A teenager from Peterborough has become the second pupil at his school to be crowned a Microsoft World Champion.

From Tech Aug 07, 2013

Xbox Co-Founder Warns Game Publishers Could Die Out

Xbox co-founder Ed Fries has warned the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could cause publishers to die out

From Tech Aug 07, 2013

20 Million People in the UK Play Mobile Games Monthly

A new report shows that the number of mobile gamers in the UK is on the rise.

From Tech Aug 06, 2013

Microsoft Cuts Price of Surface Pro

Microsoft has cut the price of the Surface Pro, as the tablet struggles to enter the market.

From Tech Aug 06, 2013

Lack of New iPad Sees Tablet Shipments Fall

The lack of a new iPad has slowed the global tablet market, IDC figures have shown

From Tech Aug 06, 2013

Luxury Japanese E-Toilets can be Controlled by Hackers

Satis smart toilets can be "hacked" by cyber-attackers.

From Tech Aug 05, 2013

Woman Loses $1500 in 'Apple' iPhone Scam

Woman duped into buying real apples instead of iPhones on Gumtree.