Articles By Edward Smith

From Tech Jul 08, 2013

Don Mattrick Planned Zynga Buyout While at Microsoft

Don Mattrick, recently named Zynga's new CEO, planned to buy the company out while managing Microsoft's Xbox division

From Tech Jul 08, 2013

Apple Marks App Store Fifth Birthday with Free Downloads

To mark the fifth anniversary of the App Store, several previously paid-for apps are being made available for free

From Tech Jul 06, 2013

PlayStation 4: Hands-On with the Launch Games

We try out the PS4 launch games: Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, Driveclub and Knack.

From Tech Jul 06, 2013

PlayStation 4: First Impressions of Sony's New Console

We test the PlayStation 4 and give our first impressions on the console's graphics and Dual-Shock 4 controller

From Tech Jul 05, 2013

Game Studio Spotlight - Jagex

In the penultimate episode of Game Studio Spotlight, we visit Runescape creator Jagex at its Cambridge HQ

From Tech Jul 04, 2013

Xbox One Reputation System Will Punish Badly Behaved Players

Xbox One will use a new "reputation" system to separate well and badly behaved players online

From Tech Jul 04, 2013

Why Games Matter Blog - Do We Want British Games?

As UK developers lobby for tax breaks, we ask whether "culturally British" games would be a good thing?

From Tech Jul 03, 2013

Atari Founder Blames Shareholders for Company’s Bankruptcy

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell has blamed the company's bankruptcy on shareholders, accusing them of overly focusing on merchandise

From Tech Jul 03, 2013

European Game Developers Voice Support for UK Tax Breaks

Despite concerns from the European Commission, European game developers have voiced support for UK game industry tax credit

From Tech Jul 03, 2013

Ouya Review

We review the Ouya, a new home console that plays Android games via your TV set