Articles By Drishya Nair

From Society Aug 09, 2013

Miami Man Derek Medina Kills Wife and Posts Photo of Dead Body on Facebook

Derek Medina shot wife of three years after heated argument in which she told him she would leave him.

From Society Aug 08, 2013

Brazilian Teen Obsessed with Amityville Killings Massacres Family

Marcelo Pesseghini is believed to have been obsessed with the infamous Amityville murders of 1974 in which a man killed his whole family.

From Society Aug 08, 2013

North Korean Comedienne Hauled off Stage and Thrown in Labour Camp for 'Sensitive' Joke

Lee Choon Hong had been performing for workers on orders of Kim Jong-un when 'slip of the tongue' happened.

From Society Aug 07, 2013

Dubai: Couple Sentenced to One Month Jail for Kissing in a Car

The Emirati woman, a banker, and her teen-aged boyfriend were caught kissing in a car parked behind a mosque.

From Society Aug 07, 2013

California: Man Chops Off Own Hands After Stabbing Father

27-year-old Jason Dunn chops off his hands after allegedly repeatedly stabbing his dad Gregory.

From Society Aug 07, 2013

Girlfriend Says No to Marriage Proposal at Baseball Game [VIDEO]

David was left embarrassed and shamed after Jessica said no to his proposal and ran out of the field.

From Society Aug 06, 2013

Man Photographs UFOs Hovering Over Dorset Skies

Man claims lights were aliens hovering over Zig Zag Hill.

From Society Aug 06, 2013

Are Babies for Idiots? Maternal Urge Decreases in Women with Higher IQ

LSE study finds clever women lose desire to have children with every 15 extra IQ points.

From Society Aug 06, 2013

Canada: Massive Pet Shop Python Escapes and Strangles Two Children in Their Sleep

The 16-foot African Rock Python, which lived in a pet store below their New Brunswick apartment, escaped from its cage and slid into the children's room.

From Society Jul 27, 2013

American Couple Born on Same Day Die 24 Hours Apart after 75 Years Together

Their first meeting was at Huntington Park High School when they were just teenagers and they fell for each other almost instantly.