Articles By Drishya Nair

From Entertainment Aug 13, 2013

UFO Sighting: Disc-Shaped Glowing Object Spotted Hovering Over Derby

The glowing UFO could be seen static on the sky for a long time before it slowly started descending and disappeared behind dark clouds.

From Entertainment Aug 13, 2013

1912 Eighth Grade Exam Paper Surfaces, Baffles 21st Century Adults

Do you think you are smarter than a 1912 eighth grader? Take the test here and see for yourself.

From Entertainment Aug 13, 2013

12-year-old Michael Dettlaff Finds 5-Carat Diamond at Arkansas State Park

Michael's family did not realise what he had discovered until the last moment.

From Society Aug 11, 2013

Islamic Clerics Say Women Posting Photos on Facebook is Unacceptable

'Islam has prescribed hijab for women. They have been asked to hide their faces in public, so how can this be allowed on the Internet?' asks cleric.

From Society Aug 11, 2013

India: Islamic Cleric Rules Against Naming Babies After Popular Movie Stars

Some of the best and most sought after stars in Bollywood are Muslims and many of their films are released on Hindu and Muslim festivals.

From Society Aug 11, 2013

Over 100,000 People Want to Leave Earth for Mars and Never Return

More than 100,000 people have enrolled in the Mars One project, which will send eight people on a one-way trip to the Red Planet.

From Society Aug 10, 2013

Cat-Killing Cop May Face Five-Year Jail Sentence in Russia

Alexei Berezin reportedly killed the cat after it ran out in front of his car.

From Society Aug 10, 2013

Missouri Hunts for 'Mystery Angel Priest' Who Saves Teen’s Life

Reports say a man dressed as a Catholic priest appeared out of nowhere, saved the girl's life and then disappeared

From Society Aug 10, 2013

Man Who Posted Dead Wife's Photo on Facebook Wanted to be Famous

Derek Medina, believed to have shot and killed his wife, claims to have acted as a violent gang member on an American television show.

From Society Aug 09, 2013

India: Father Beheaded Five Daughters over Property Dispute with Wives

Maganlal Barela murdered his daughters, ranging in ages from 12 months to six year olds, over a property dispute with his two wives.