Articles By Drishya Nair

From Society Aug 17, 2013

8-year-old Girl Who Does Not Age Could Hold Secret of 'Biological Immortality'

Gabby weighs only 5 kilograms and has a rare condition that slows her rate of ageing.

From Society Aug 17, 2013

Canadian Police Find 40 Distressed Pythons in Motel Room

Couple left snakes in room and were out when police raided and found reptiles in poor condition.

From Society Aug 17, 2013

Brain Eating Amoeba: Florida Health Officials Issue Warning Against Deadly Parasite

Although there are very few people to have ever got the parasite, 99% of those who get it, do not survive.

From Society Aug 17, 2013

Spoon in Underwear Saving British Teenagers from Forced Marriage

British charity Karma Nirvana advising teenagers to hide cutlery in their pants to set off airport metal detectors.

From Entertainment Aug 16, 2013

Iran: Woman Banned from Politics for Being 'Too Attractive'

Nina Siahkali Moradi, a 27-year-old aspiring electoral candidate in Iran, has been denied the position despite winning enough votes.

From Society Aug 16, 2013

Saudi Arabia Beheads Man for 'Crushing' his Wife's Skull

Fawzi al-Khaibari was executed on Thursday for torturing and killing his wife.

From Society Aug 14, 2013

Man Shoots Himself in Front of Wife, One Hour After Their Baby is Born

Michael Carl Nobles from Texas committed suicide in the maternity ward of the hospital where his baby was born.

From Society Aug 14, 2013

US Hospital Worker David Kwiatkowski Admits Infecting Dozens with Hepatitis C Virus

David Kwiatkowski is expected to plead guilty to deliberately tampering with hospital syringes.

From Society Aug 14, 2013

Wrexham: Laughing Teenager Sexually Assaulted Teacher After Locking Her in Classroom

The boy kept laughing as he sexually abused his teacher while other colleagues were trying to break open the door.

From Society Aug 14, 2013

Massachusetts: Sarah Beth Hopkins Arrested for Sodomy, Rape of 11-year-old Son of Friend

Sarah Beth Hopkins from Essex county allegedly abused the minor for eight months, while being trusted by his family as a good friend.