Articles By Drishya Nair

From Society Aug 27, 2013

Canadian Journalist Lori Welbourne Goes Topless While Interviewing Mayor [VIDEO]

Welbourne continued her conversation with the mayor who was visibly shocked after she undid the strap of her dress.

From Science Aug 27, 2013

Apollo 17 Captures Glowing UFO Above Moon [PHOTO]

Scott Waring says UFO spotted over moon is proof aliens really do exist.

From Entertainment Aug 25, 2013

Royal Baby: Kate Middleton and Prince William to Build Suite for Middletons Inside Kensington Palace

Their decision to set up a place for the Middletons is understandably so that Carole can stay and be available for the baby.

From Science Aug 25, 2013

Nasa Rover Photographs Disc-Shaped UFO Above Mars

The images of the UFO were taken by Rear Hazard Avoidance Cameras (Rear Hazcams).

From Entertainment Aug 24, 2013

Instagram Deletes Account of Mother Breastfeeding Child Naked, Users Outraged

Outraged users of Instagram have petitioned the photo sharing website to reinstate Amy Woodruff's account.

From Society Aug 24, 2013

Woman Shows Up Alive 13 Days After Her Own Funeral As Family Buries Wrong Woman

Following Sharolyn Jackson's disappearance in July, a body matching her description was found and misidentified two days later.

From Society Aug 23, 2013

India: Mum Forced Daughter to Marry HIV+ Man - Then Helped Him Rape Her

Mother held daughter down while man raped her and stuffed her mouth with cloth to stop her screaming.

From Entertainment Aug 23, 2013

Perma-Smile Hits Korea: Disturbing Images Show Lips Curled Forever in latest Beauty Trend [PHOTOS]

The 'mouth corner lift' involves surgically curling up the ends of the mouth.

From Society Aug 23, 2013

Police Taser Man Dead After Mistaking him for Fugitive Prisoner

Jordan Begley, 23, was charged with 50,000-volt stun gun by officers who were called by his mother to deal with a domestic fight.

From Entertainment Aug 22, 2013

Britain's Most Tattooed Man Becomes First To Brand His Face with 3D Artwork [Video]

Matthew Whelan, who has one of his eye whites tattooed, is an ex-wrestler and works as a body modification model.