Articles By Drishya Nair

From Entertainment Jul 14, 2013

Glee Actor Cory Monteith Found Dead in Vancouver Hotel Room [VIDEO]

Vancouver police confirm that body of 31-year-old Canadian will undergo autopsy on Monday.

From Society Jul 13, 2013

New Century Global Centre: World’s Largest Building Opens in China [VIDEO]

Located in southwest China, The New Century Global Center is 500m long, 400m wide and 100m tall.

From Society Jul 13, 2013

American Woman Arrested for Smuggling Cocaine Taped to Her Bottom

Dora Anna Gutierrez had three pounds of cocaine, valued at $24,000, taped to her derriere.

From Society Jul 12, 2013

India: Relatives of Rape Suspect Attempt Chopping off Victim's Tongue

19-year-old victim was gang-raped in Uttar Pradesh.

From Society Jul 12, 2013

Canadian Teenager Mauled by Lion in South Africa as She Tried to Kiss Animal

As 18-year-old Lauren Fagen tried to kiss the lion, he reached through the bars of its cage, took a grip on Fagen's legs and dragged her inside.

From Society Jul 12, 2013

China: Mother Stabs Infant 90 Times for Biting During Breastfeeding

Bao needed 100 stitches after vicious attack but remains under mother's care, with two uncles for guardians

From Society Jul 12, 2013

Man Arrested Second Time for Having Sex With Pool Raft

Edwin Tobergta was charged for the freak crime by a Butler County grand jury after a child witnessed him having "sexual relations with a rubber pool float.

From Society Jul 11, 2013

Multiple UFOs Seen Over Luxor Hotel In Las Vegas [Videos]

A number of UFOs seem to be hovering around the same place above the skies of the casino, but never once landing.

From Tech & Trend Jul 11, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Explosion in Swiss Teenager's Pocket Leaves Her Thigh Numb

Fanny Schlatter, 18, is set to lodge a criminal complaint against Korean phone maker Samsung after she claims to have been left numb in her right thigh following the explosion.

From Entertainment Jul 10, 2013

Kim Kardashian Warned by Mother Kris Jenner About Marrying Kanye West

"Kris feels like the Kardashian brand does not need another marriage disaster on its hands," a source reportedly said.