Articles By Dominic Gover

From Sports Dec 04, 2013

Tom Daley's Gay Relationship Video 'Confuses' Grandparents

Rosemary and David Daley vow to stand by British diver in wake of YouTube admission.

From Sports Dec 04, 2013

Lethal Football Flares Fuelled by Hooligan-Friendly Websites and Social Media

Supporters sharing footage online is contributing to rise in use of dangerous incendiary devices

From Society Dec 03, 2013

Chimpanzees Could Become People in United States Court Battle [VIDEO]

Nonhuman Rights Project wants to save chimps from being exhibits in New York.

From Entertainment Dec 03, 2013

Terminator 2 Jacket Worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger up for Auction

Own a slice of film history - which may or may not have appeared on screen.

From Society Dec 03, 2013

Bolshoi Ballet Acid Attack: Pavel Dmitrichenko Guilty of Attack on Sergei Filin

Moscow court convicts former soloist at the Bolshoi over acid attack.

From Society Dec 03, 2013

Lee Rigby Trial: Fiancée and Mother of Soldier Shaken by Old Bailey Evidence

Aimee West and Lyn Rigby face Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in court.

From Society Dec 03, 2013

Mangled Police Helicopter Removed from Clutha Vaults Pub in Glasgow [PICTURES]

Search continues for more bodies of victims killed after copter smashed into pub roof.

From Society Dec 03, 2013

Report Drink-Drive Friends to Police for £200 This Christmas

West Midlands Police will pay revellers who turn in friends and loved ones for drinking and driving.

From Society Dec 02, 2013

Georgia Williams Murder Suspect Jamie Reynolds Pleads Guilty

Reynolds made sexual advances to Georgia but she had told him no.

From Society Dec 02, 2013

Glasgow Pub Crash: Teen Arrested for 'Sectarian' Comments [VIDEO]

Glasgow court date for boy over alleged offensive remarks in wake of helicopter crash.