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Jennifer Lawrence

From Entertainment Feb 11

Miley Cyrus Claims People 'Copied' her Hairstyle, Diss for Jennifer Lawrence? [PHOTOS]

Miley Cyrus has led the fashion extravaganza late last year with all her crazy antics. While some celebrities dissed her for her outrageous outfits and weird style, some went to the extremes of copying her of which the “Wrecking Ball” singer isn’t too pleased about. Well, this claimed “copycat” is said to be Jennifer Lawrence who had her hair chopped off in the same Miley cut.

 Emma Watson arrives at the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California January 12, 2014.

From Entertainment Feb 06

Emma Watson Teams Up with Ethan Hawke for New Thriller Movie [PHOTOS]

Fans of Emma Watson have yet to prepare for another film starring their ever favourite actress. Aside from the film “Noah” set for debut by March, there’s another film with Emma on the list and this time it’s a thriller where she’ll be starring opposite Ethan Hawke. Here’s all there is to know about the “Harry Potter” star’s latest film.

Selena Gomez

From Entertainment Feb 06

Selena Gomez's Two-Week Rehab: 'Struggling with emotional trauma and addiction'

Selena Gomez might seem happy judging from her Instagram posts as of late. Yet, the “Come & Get It” singer had actually suffered a break down last month. Reps of the singer confirmed she had entered rehabilitation for two weeks all because she was suffering from emotional trauma and addiction.

Taylor Swift

From Entertainment Feb 05

Taylor Swift Confirms Single Status: 'Being single is one of the best things about my life right now' [PHOTOS]

Taylor Swift has been linked to one guy to the next. In fact, the country crooner has been said to be in a relationship with anyone she’s photographed with which isn’t surprising given her history of wild dates and relationships. Yet, the “Red” singer finally comes clean with her status and she’s very much happy about it.

Bieber poses at the premiere of the documentary "Justin Bieber's Believe" in Los Angeles

From Entertainment Feb 05

Justin Bieber Brags about Selena Gomez: 'I knew she was in love with me when she gave me her virginity'

Justin Bieber has constantly been in the news as of late thanks to his recent antics. The latest involves that of his friend Sharief and a stripper – two at most. Now, the Canadian crooner is in the news all thanks to an alleged “spill-all” interview about he had taken away the virginity of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Singer Harry Styles from the Band One Direction Attends the World Premiere of the Film 'The Class of 92' in London

From Entertainment Feb 05

One Direction's Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner NOT Engaged: 'Directioner' Started Fake Rumour?

The hash tag #CongratsHendall was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter a few days past. Fans were in a flurry of excitement and dread over the news of the One Direction singer, Harry Styles, being “engaged” to Kendall Jenner. Yet, fans should calm down because the “Hendall” couple is not engaged and the rumour of their engagement was a fake tweet initiated by a “Directioner.

Singer Miley Cyrus arrives at the 41st American Music Awards in Los Angeles

From Entertainment Feb 04

Miley Cyrus Allegedly Disses Lady Gaga: 'Lady Gaga completely ripped that off'

Miley Cyrus is obviously not a fan of the “Mother Monster,” Lady Gaga. In the latest report by Hollywood Life, the “Bangerz” singer had dissed Lady Gaga for being “unoriginal.” Here are all the details.

Singer Harry Styles from the Band One Direction Attends the World Premiere of the Film 'The Class of 92' in London

From Entertainment Feb 04

Harry Styles' Cousin Ben Spills Details on 1D Singer's Love Life: 'It’s Harry who keeps getting dumped'

Contrary to reports that Harry Styles is one heck of a heart breaker, his cousin Ben spills all the details about the curly-haired singer. Rather than dumping women, according to Ben it’s the other way around. Women allegedly dump Harry and he’s the one who suffers the heart ache.

Singers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez arrive at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles

From Entertainment Feb 04

Caught Red-Handed: Justin Bieber Spanking Strippers, Selena Gomez 'Disgusted?'

Days after a photo of Justin Bieber sucking on a stripper’s nipple have gone viral on the web, another scandalous video starring the 19-year old singer and another stripper has hit the web. In the latest video, the Canadian crooner can be seen spanking the stripper to which he obviously enjoys doing.

One Direction

From Entertainment Feb 03

One Direction Boys Threatened by Harry Styles' Girlfriend, Kendall Jenner?

Following the latest rumours flying around between Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner, the latest now involves the boy band Styles’ is included in, One Direction. According to various reports, the boys of One Direction namely Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne are “threatened” by Harry’s latest belle, Kendall Jenner.