Articles By Dave Smith

From Companies Jul 31, 2012

Apple, Without Steve Jobs, Loses Marketing Touch: New 'Genius' Ads For Mac Lack Style, Substance [VIDEOS]

Even when Apple didn't create "insanely great" products, the one thing Apple could always do was create compelling and clever advertisements. No longer.

From Companies Jul 31, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Features: Why Future iOS Devices Need The 19-Pin Dock Connector

The dock connector may be the only iPhone 5 feature that we know, for sure, will be different in the next-gen model, allegedly "set for release" between September or October. Almost every major news outlet has reported Apple will slim down its traditional 30-pin dock connector -- the outle...

From Companies Jul 31, 2012

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Release: More Bugs, Issues Reported In First Week Among Apple Users

It's been almost a week since Apple released OS X Mountain Lion, the next-gen operating system for the Mac, and we asked readers to submit any bugs, issues, errors or incompatibilities they've discovered on the platform. Our readers have come through in somewhat alarming numbers.

From Society Jul 28, 2012

Drudge Report Exposed: Front Page Linked To Old Stabbing Story From Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City Police Department was flooded from phone calls from reporters on Friday after the Drudge Report linked a story about how a man stopped another man's stabbing rampage in a Salt Lake City.

From Sports Jul 28, 2012

Wenlock And Mandeville: All About The 2012 London Olympics Mascots

Every four years, the Olympic Games' organizing committees continually outdo themselves by creating the weirdest, most obscure mascots for their Summer Olympic and Paralympic games. Wenlock and Mandeville, who will ensure that this year's Olympics won't be any less weird, were unveiled as the official London 2012 Olympic mascots back in 2010.

From Society Jul 27, 2012

Journalism Ethics: Is USA Today's Partnership With Subway Unhealthy?

USA Today's Eileen Blass scored an interview with eight-time Olympic medal-winning speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, and the company wanted to promote the exclusive story on the front page of the sports section. There's nothing wrong with that; the way USA Today went about it, however, was highly questionable.

From Companies Jul 27, 2012

Mac OS X Mountain Lion: Apple Users Report More Bugs, Errors, And Incompatibility Issues

Mac users have been able to play with Apple's new big cat, OS X Mountain Lion, for roughly 24 hours at this point. Though the initial reviews were overwhelmingly positive, we mentioned that it was still early in the day, and as Apple users had a chance to explore Mountain Lion, they would inevitably find some bugs and errors. And that's exactly what happened.

From Companies Jul 26, 2012

Apple Earnings Release: Can The iPhone 5, iPad Mini Offset A Disappointing Q3 2012?

Apple beat its own conservative quarterly estimate, reporting a strong jump in earnings and even sold a record number of iPads in Q3, but across the board, Apple did a rare thing: It missed analysts' estimates. Apple can rebound in Q4 if it decides to release its next iPhone, which many are already calling "iPhone 5," as long as the much-rumored "iPad Mini.

From Companies Jul 26, 2012

Mac OS X Mountain Lion: Few Major Issues, Bugs Reported Among Early Apple Adopters

Most Apple fans couldn't wait to download OS X Mountain Lion, the eighth iteration of the OS X software line for Mac, and as a result, the Mac App Store was flooded early Wednesday morning with download requests for the $19.99 upgrade. Most early adopters of Mountain Lion love the beast, but most major software upgrades are not without their fair share of bugs, issues, errors and omissions.

From Companies Jul 26, 2012

Apple OS X Mountain Lion: Why You Should Wait To Upgrade Your Mac

There's always a big buzz whenever Apple releases new hardware or software -- or really, any time Apple does anything publicly -- and Wednesday is no different. Apple released OS X Mountain Lion this morning, which is the eighth edition of its OS X software for Mac.