Articles By Daniel Joseph Cruz

From Health Jun 12

Brazil Fights Dengue Fever with Mutated Mosquitoes

Brazil has recently approved the use of genetically mutated mosquitoes to counter its country's high dengue fever count of at least 1.4 million cases ever year. Given that there's no vaccine for the disease at the moment, the researchers hope to eradicate the spread of the disease by relea...

From Society Jun 11

Anderson Cooper Undergoes Schizophrenia Experiment Related to a University's Recent Killings [VIDEO]

CNN's Anderson Cooper tried to experience the Seattle Pacific University shooting's suspect life by undergoing an experiment using earphones and hearing voices while walking around the streets of New York. The suspect for the recent killing incident was reported to have mental illness, specifically schizophrenia.

From Tech Jun 10

Computer Passes the Turing Test - Computer Program Surpasses Test's Threshold for the First Time

Princeton University's computer program called Eugene Goostman just achieved another accomplishment for passing and winning the official Turing Test at the Royal Society on Saturday, June 7. The Turing Test is an event made by the University of Reading which investigates whether if people can know if they are communicating with a live person or a machine.

From Health Jun 06

Coke Boils to a Thick Black Sludge After Boiling [VIDEO]

Taras Kulakov, a Russian man that goes by the YouTube user name Crazy Russian Hacker, posted a video about how Coke turns into a thick sugary sludge after being boiled down. Though many health-conscious individuals already know what is inside the carbonated soda drink, the Russian scientist decided to show viewers how much sugar a small bottle of Coke contains by boiling it.

From Health Jun 05

FITguard Mouthpiece Detects Serious Concussions in Sports-Related Head Impacts [VIDEO]

Force Impact Technologies or known as FIT has developed a new smart mouthguard that will detect possible head-related injuries in sports. While wearing a mouthpiece in various contact sports was helpful in the past, FIT has invented a more improved tool to help athletes worldwide.

From Entertainment Jun 05

Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon Play 'Word Sneak' - Fallon Fell Off his Chair [WATCH]

Ricky Gervais of the TV show "Derek" joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of "Word Sneak" at "The Tonight Show" on Monday, June 2. Gervais and Fallon tried their best to slip in random words into a normal conversation, but viewers knew that the conversation would lead to something hilarious.

From Entertainment Jun 04

Axl Rose No Longer the Singer With 'Widest Vocal Range': Guns N' Roses Frontman Updates Fans With New Album

Axl Rose has been cited as the singer with the greatest vocal range, according to an interactive chart made by Concert

From Tech Jun 04

'GameOver Zeus' Virus Infects PCs Worldwide - Tech Experts Encourage PC Users to Protect Systems with Anti-Virus

The U.S. authorities and a team of international investigators have interrupted cybercriminial group responsible for secretly infecting a million computers worldwide with a virus called "GameOver Zeus." The virus was designed to steal banking information and damage computer systems. The virus first enters into computers through email.

From Entertainment Jun 03

Bryan Cranston Excites Social Media That Walter White Might is Still Alive

"Breaking Bad" Star Bryan Cranston excited fans by hinting that Walter White, the series' lead star, could still be alive. In Breaking Bad's series finale titled "Felina," viewers saw meth kingpin Walter White lying on the floor, embracing his final moments inside a meth lab. As Cranston hinted, the last zoom-out scene of Mr.

From Entertainment Jun 03

'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' - Get to Know Dwight and Ava's Story

The Weinstein company has been attracting attention for its upcoming movie titled, "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" by releasing a seductive poster of Eva Green as one of its promotional materials. Know the story behind Eva Green's character, and the other characters for Frank Miller's upcoming graphic novel movie adaptation.