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Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

From Society Jun 18

MH370 Update: Was The Plane's Disappearance A Rare Case Of Pilot Suicide?

Of the 239 people who went missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, two people were the most likely to have known what was happening to the plane. But authorities have yet to figure out what the men in the cockpit, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid, were thinking in their final hours.

From Society Sep 13, 2012

$9.99-A-Gallon Gas Prices Hit Lukoil Stations In Protest Over Rising Costs

$9.99-a-gallon gas sounds like something out of an apocalyptic movie, not a realistic price to see at a gas station in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. But on Wednesday, Lukoil franchise owners across the two states posted prices that high in protest to what they say are the much higher prices Lukoil cha...

From Tech Sep 12, 2012

Instagram 'Killing It' With 100 Million Users, Mark Zuckerberg Announces

The photo-based social network Instagram saw its 100 millionth user join the site on Tuesday, according to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, which purchased Instagram for $1 billion in April.

From Politics & Policy Sep 07, 2012

Joe Biden's 2012 DNC Speech [VIDEO and FULL TEXT]

Watch video and read the full text of Joe Biden's speech Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

From Entertainment Sep 07, 2012

DNC's Celebrity Line-Up Far Outshines RNC's Weak Star Power [PHOTOS]

The stars are aligning for the Democratic National Convention as celebrities and top musicians come out of the woodwork to appear in Charlotte, N.C., but the GOP Convention got nowhere near as much celeb love.

From Politics & Policy Sep 07, 2012

Bill Clinton's 2012 DNC Speech Video And Full Text Transcript

Watch video and read the full text of Bill Clinton's speech Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

Bill Clinton At The Height Of His Popularity Heading Into DNC Speech

Bill Clinton may have been impeached while he was president of the United States, but he's still one of the most widely beloved politicians in the land. In fact, even as he readied to give his highly-anticipated address Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, he was getting praise from the likes of ultra-conservative GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

From Politics & Policy Sep 05, 2012

Michelle Obama Delivers Rousing, Personal Tribute To Her Husband At Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama closed out the first day of the 2012 Democratic National Convention with a rousing speech that paid personal tribute to her husband but also seemed built to coalesce support among Democrats at the start of the three-day DNC.

From Society Sep 05, 2012

Glenn Beck To Boycott American Airlines After Being Treated 'As A Subhuman' By Attendant [VIDEO]

Glenn Beck is boycotting American Airlines permanently, the Conservative personality announced on his radio show Tuesday evening, citing an instance of being treated rudely by an attendant during a recent flight on the carrier.

From Entertainment Aug 31, 2012

How Did 'Bewitched' Actor Steven Franken Die? Cause Of Death Was Likely Cancer

Actor Steve Franken has passed away, according to his wife, Jean, who said that her husband never gave up on acting, a pursuit he loved dearly.