Articles By Christopher Zara

From Companies Aug 14, 2012

Will CNN Abandon News? Why It Might Be Inevitable

On Monday, a spokesperson for the struggling cable network quickly downplayed a New York Post story that claimed it was developing reality-TV shows as part of a massive programming overhaul.

From Entertainment Aug 14, 2012

Magic Mike Saves Hollywood: Resurgence Of Small Pics Means Hope For Indies

Could small-budget movies be making a comeback? So far this season, four of the top-20 grossing movies were made on a budget of $20 million or under -- a pittance when you consider that the average tentpole costs more than ten times that amount.

From Entertainment Aug 12, 2012

The Bald Truth: How Nazi Skinheads Co-Opted A Youth Subculture

Wade Michael Page, the 40-year-old alleged killer, had been involved with white-supremacist hate groups for at least a decade. His arms and torso were swaddled with tattoos, many containing racist and neo-Nazi symbolism. He played bass in a white-power hardcore band called End Apathy. He was angry, frustrated, disillusioned. He was also a skinhead -- but that almost goes without saying.

From Economy Aug 11, 2012

Freelance Journalism -- Great Hours, Lousy Pay

The 2012 Editors Poll, released on Friday, solicited data from editors at newspapers, magazines, trade publications and websites. It showed that 61 percent of the editors polled do not believe their publication will increase freelance pay rates in the next 12 months, compared to only 8 percent who thought that an increase is likely.

From Entertainment Aug 11, 2012

Even In Death, Adam Yauch Has More Class Than Katy Perry

The late Beastie Boy Adam Yauch has prohibited the use of his music, image or "artistic property" for the purposes of advertising, according to his recently filed will.

From Entertainment Aug 11, 2012

David Berkowitz On Gun Control: The Son Of Sam Makes More Sense Than Most Politicians

Decrying the recent mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin -- as well as gun violence in general -- the infamous serial killer David Berkowitz told the New York Daily News on Friday that "society has to take the glory out of guns.

From Politics & Policy Aug 09, 2012

Berlusconi-Owned Italian Newspaper Plays The Nazi Card Against Merkel

A front-page article in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale attacked Germany’s handling over the ongoing euro crisis.

From Companies Aug 09, 2012

Apple Pulls The Plug On Genius Bar Ads: Is It Caving To Criticism?

Apple has pulled its much-derided Genius Bar television commercials, which had been running during the 2012 London Olympics.

From Entertainment Aug 09, 2012

Madonna And The Business Of Controversy: Are All Those Headlines Paying Off?

Clearly, the Material Girl hasn't lost her flair for controversy, and this year she seems determined to pack a lifetime of it into one summer. But are all those headlines paying off for the notably shrewd pop star? That depends on how you measure "paying off.

From Entertainment Aug 08, 2012

Wisconsin Temple Shootings Expose Media’s Ignorance Of Sikhism

On Sunday, the Asian American Journalists Association released a media advisory that offers guidelines for journalists reporting on the tragedy that left seven people dead at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis.