Articles By Christopher Zara

From Entertainment Aug 30, 2012

Outrage Over Muslim Sitcom Highlights Growing Challenges Of Ethnic Comedy

The BBC received almost 200 complaints from angry viewers complaining that the sitcom "Citizen Khan" presents an insulting, tasteless and stereotypical view of the Muslim community.

From Entertainment Aug 30, 2012

Eddie Murphy In Talks For ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV Show

Eddie Murphy is looking to revive the "Beverly Hills Cop" movie franchise with a new television series. The actor has begun shopping the action-comedy series around to the broadcast networks this week.

From Entertainment Aug 29, 2012

‘2016: Obama’s America’ A Surprise Box-Office Hit -- Could It Sway The Election?

The film, "2016: Obama's America," purports to show what the world will look like if President Barack Obama wins a second term and carries out what the Indian-born, Dartmouth-educated writer/fabulist claims is a rabid anti-colonialist agenda.

From Economy Aug 29, 2012

Visual-Effects Artists Fear Reprisal If They Voice Support For Unionization

Visual effects are now the foremost draw for most big-budget movies, and yet conditions for the workers who create those effects have never been worse. Many VFX artists face punishing schedules, working with no health insurance or benefits to meet the demands of effects-laden motion pictures.

From Entertainment Aug 29, 2012

Katie Couric Eyes Oprah’s Daytime Crown -- And She Has A Lot Of Company

Katie Couric, whose new show, “Katie,” debuts Sept. 10 on ABC, said she felt “liberated” after she left “CBS Evening News” last year amid stubbornly low ratings.

From Politics & Policy Aug 28, 2012

Newspapers Snub Women Reporters For Election Coverage: Study

According to the Women's Media Center, the results of a new study show that bylines skew overwhelmingly male for newspapers' election coverage when compared to the overall population and to the gender makeup of most newsrooms.

From Companies Aug 28, 2012

Google May Be to Blame As NY Times Sells

The Times Co. blamed the decline of the information website on a change in Google's algorithm, which reduced the site's rankings and caused a loss of traffic over the last year.

From Tech Aug 25, 2012

Generation Y Still Loves Reading Magazines -- And Tweeting About Them

A new study by the Association of Magazine Media (formerly Magazine Publishers of America, or MPA) found that social media use enhances the distribution and consumption of magazine content and fosters deeper engagement among young readers.

From Companies Aug 25, 2012

Newspapers And The Postal Service, Both Struggling For Survival, Wage War On Each Other

The Newspaper Association of America on Thursday blasted the Postal Regulatory Commission over a plan to give one of the industry's largest competitors a special discount on advertising circulars.

From Companies Aug 25, 2012

MTV Sued For Sex And Age Discrimination

A former executive is suing MTV Networks and its parent, Viacom (Nasdaq: VIA), claiming she was bullied by superiors and discriminated for her age and gender before being unjustly fired.