Articles By Christopher Zara

From Politics & Policy Sep 19, 2012

Mother Jones Leaked Videos: Who Spied On Mitt Romney?

A leaked video posted on YouTube by Mother Jones magazine highlights the difficulty of politicians speaking candidly in small groups. Meanwhile, the identity of the person who originally recorded the video at a Mitt Romney fundraiser has yet to be revealed.

From Tech Sep 18, 2012

Newsweek’s ‘Muslim Rage’ Inspires Twitter Glee

Newsweek magazine and Tina Brown had hoped to spark a conversation about the magazine's latest cover story, which came with the headline "Muslim Rage." Instead, Twitter erupted with a stream of light-hearted tweets about everyday Muslim discontent.

From Law Sep 18, 2012

Church of Scientology Blasts Vanity Fair’s Tom Cruise Expose As ‘Shoddy Journalism’ And ‘Religious Bigotry’ [Read Letter]

Jeffrey K. Riffer, a lawyer for the Church of Scientology, wrote an eight-page letter to Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter hoping to stop an expose of the church from ever being published.

From Companies Sep 15, 2012

Village Voice Editor Tony Ortega Is Leaving To Write A Scientology Book

Tony Ortega, who has been the editor-in-chief of the Village Voice since 2007, announced via blog post on Friday that he is stepping down next week. The alt-weekly has seen a number of staff layoffs in the last few years.

From Law Sep 15, 2012

‘Innocence of Muslims’: Could Actors Sue Over Anti-Muslim Re-Writes?

The actors who appeared in the Islamophobic movie that set off violent protests across the Middle East have maintained that they thought they were making a simple adventure movie set in Biblical times. Some entertainment law experts say the actors might have grounds to sue the filmmaker who duped them.

From Society Sep 14, 2012

'Innocence of Muslims': Sound Expert Says Islamophobic Dialogue Definitely Dubbed [Exclusive Transcript]

The actors appearing in the movie that sparked riots throughout the Middle East say they were not aware of its anti-Muslim dialogue. IBTimes spoke with a veteran sound engineer for a professional assessment of which instances of dialogue were over-dubbed in a 13-minute clip of the movie that was posted on YouTube.

From Entertainment Sep 14, 2012

Zoe Saldana Too Light-Skinned To Play Nina Simone: Petition

An online petition was posted on the website calling on the filmmakers of a Nina Simone biopic to re-cast Zoe Salanda with an actress of a darker complexion.

From Entertainment Sep 13, 2012

Glenn Beck Tries To Be The Right-Wing Oprah Winfrey

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck is returning to TV on Wednesday through a deal with the satellite broadcaster Dish Network. The transition mirrors a similar move by Oprah Winfrey, who last year left her talk show behind to run her own cable network.

From Politics & Policy Sep 13, 2012

Sam Bacile And His Low-Budget Anti-Muslim Movie: Is It All A Hoax?

Is there really a Sam Bacile, and does his movie, "Innocence of Muslims," even exist? So far only scant details have emerged about a filmmaker whose low-budget movie sparked deadly riots in Egypt and Libya that left four Americans dead.

From Tech Sep 12, 2012

The New Yorker Banned From Facebook Over Nipple Cartoon

The social-networking giant Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) temporarily banned a page from the New Yorker magazine over a cartoon depicting a shirtless Adam and Eve. The vagueness of Facebook's community standards has provoked the ire of artists and photographers whose artwork and photographs have been yanked from the site.