Articles By Camille Banzon

From Entertainment Nov 19, 2013

New Lab Result Suggests Brittany Murphy's Death Caused By Poisoning

After a request from the Brittany Murphy's father to reopen the case about her death, new lab results suggested that the "Clueless" actress might have been poisoned. This was entirely different cause compared to drug intoxication, anemia and pneumonia as initial causes of her death.

From Entertainment Nov 19, 2013

Emerson College to Name School of Communications After Anchorman's Ron Burgundy

This is not a joke: Boston's Emerson College will officially name its School of Communications after the famous Anchorman character, Ron Burgundy, on December 4.

From Entertainment Nov 18, 2013

Should ABS- CBN 'Suspend' Korina Sanchez Longer? Irreparable Mistakes Sanchez Made

Earlier today, reports suggest that Filipina newsreader, Korina Sanchez, has been forced to take a week-long 'vacation' from her mother station, ABS-CBN. Many are suggesting that Sanchez is actually 'suspended' due to her comments against CNN's Anderson Cooper.

From Entertainment Nov 18, 2013

Ireland Baldwin Defends Father, Alec Baldwin on Gay Slur: "Let Him Be"

Alec Baldwin is still in hot water after shouting an anti-gay slur to a paparazzi when he, his wife, and his infant child were out in New York. Baldwin's 18-year-old daughter, Ireland, defended her father through her Twitter account, saying "let him be.

From Entertainment Nov 12, 2013

Are Lady Gaga Fans Getting Out of Hand By Sending Multiple Death Threats?

Once Lady Gaga hates someone in the industry, her fans automatically send death threats to her rivals. Is she giving out the right message, or is she leading a flock of secret criminals all over the world?

From Entertainment Nov 12, 2013

Tati Neves on Justin Bieber: "He rang me, asked if I wanted to party, we kissed"

The Brazilian model, who posted a video being on the same bed with Justin Bieber, has opened up about her encounter with the pop prince. Neves says Bieber called her up and asked if "she wanted to party.

From Entertainment Nov 11, 2013

MTV EMAs: Pothead Miley Cyrus Lights Up Marijuana Joint Onstage [VIDEOS]

Everybody can't seem to stop talking about the "twerk queen" these days, and Miley Cyrus made sure to continue her antic streak by lighting a joint when she received her award for Best Video during the MTV EMAs.

From Entertainment Jun 20, 2013

RIP James Gandolfini: Actor Dies from Heart Attack at 51 [PHOTOS]

The actor who famously played Tony Soprano passed away earlier today in Italy. Reports say Gandolfini suffered from a heart attack.

From Entertainment Apr 11, 2013

Kim Kardashian Sends Kate Middleton Gift, Receives No Reply from Duchess [PHOTOS]

Hollywood's number one Kate Middleton fan, Kim Kardashian, reportedly sent the Duchess a note for her pregnancy. Unfortunately for the reality star, the royal seemed to have "shrugged off" her message.

From Entertainment Apr 05, 2013

Royal Pregnancy: Kate Middleton Reveals Due Date! [SLIDESHOW]

The due date every royal family follower has been waiting for has been finally divulged. In a recent appearance, pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has already revealed when she is giving birth.