Articles By Athena Yenko

From Politics & Policy 5:17 pm

Aussies Arrive in Gallipoli for Anzac Day; Prince Charles, William and Kate Join too

Aussies are arriving in Gallipoli for the Anzac day; Tony Abbott will be joined by Prince Charles, William and Kate

From Politics & Policy 4:20 pm

AU Media Slammed Over Royals’ Invasion of Privacy

English tabloids had accused the Australian media of invading Duke and Duchess’ privacy with candid pictures published

From Science 4:01 pm

50-year-old “bio-duck” Mystery Solved

Group of scientists had finally detected the source of the “bio-duck” sound which baffles scientists for 50 years now

From Science 3:31 pm

Doomsday Asteroids: 26 Multi-Kilotons Explosions on Earth Detected; Will the Next Asteroid Impact be Earth’s Doomsday?

B612 Foundation releases a video showing how 26 explosions on earth transpired. Will the next asteroid impact be Earth’s doomsday?

From Companies 1:28 pm

Apple Q2 FY14: Stock is a Bargain, Pre-Market , After Hours or Normal Trading Hours?

Apple Inc Q2 FY14 is scheduled on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. ET

From Politics & Policy Apr 22

Spy Boss Says AU’s Cyber Security Sketchiest in the World

Ian McKenzie, former director of the Australian Signals Directorate, said that Australia’s cyber security seemed the sketchiest in the world

From Politics & Policy Apr 22

1942 Letter Speaks of Young Men’s Desire to Serve

A 1942 letter penned by Flight Sergeant Clifton Wedd spoke of why young men heed to the call of service during war times

From Art Apr 22

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Receives Poo as Gift from Uluru

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge receive a gift made out of poo in Uluru.

From Companies Apr 22

Conspiracy Trial Underway: Apple Inc., Google Inc., Intel Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc Allegedly Conspired to Keep Wages Down of Experienced Employees

Google Inc., Apple Inc., Intel Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. are facing trial against an alleged conspiracy law suit of agreeing to keep wages down of their experienced employees

From Politics & Policy Apr 22

AU Donates $20 Million to Syrian Refugee Children

Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop announced that Australia will provide $20 million to Syrian refugee children in the wake of the Syrian crisis.