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Israeli soldiers patrol outside the northern Gaza Strip

From Faith & Belief 8:02 pm

Jerusalem ‘Declaration of War’ Subsides After Re-Opening Of Holy Site

Israel will re-open a holy site it closed for the first time in years

Health Workers Prepare To Carry An Abandoned Dead Body Presenting With Ebola Symptoms At Duwala Market In Monrovia

From Health Oct 31

Australia Does Not Have Ebola Drug ZMapp And That Is Alright, Experts Say

Health experts in Australia are one in saying that stockpiling of ZMapp is unnecessary at this point.

From Politics & Policy Oct 31

Forced Marriages And Child Brides Rampant In Australia: Police Said

Police force discovered growing number of forced marriages in Australia.

From Travel Oct 31

Chinese Teen Offering Sex For Travel Is Fake, A Promotional Campaign For Hooking Up App

Chinese teen’s ad sex for travel is all but a promotional campaign for Chinese hooking up app

A pregnant woman suspected of contracting Ebola is lifted by stretcher into an ambulance in Freetown, Sierra Leone September 19, 2014 in a handout photo provided by UNICEF. Sierra Leone's army has "sealed off" the borders with Liberia and G

From Health Oct 31

Chilling: Ebola Spreads Through Sneeze and Cough Droplets And Toilet Seats

CDC releases poster saying that Ebola can spread through sneeze droplets while Doctors Without Borders’ protocol include separate toilet from infected people

Ebola Virus Health Workers In Kenema, Sierra Leone

From Health Oct 30

Red Cross Aussie Nurse Says Australia’s Ebola Visa Ban Is Embarrassing

An Aussie nurse in Sierra Leone says she is embarrassed by Australia’s response to the Ebola crisis.

Putin During An Informal Meeting Of The Collective Security Treaty Organization

From Politics & Policy Oct 30

Lambie Pushes For Putin–Abbott Judo Match

A judo match between Vladimir Putin and Tony Abbott is being pushed for fundraising.

From Science Oct 30

Aussies Love Robots More Than The Japanese Do

A study found that Australians trust robots more than the Japanese do.

From Health Oct 30

From 30-Inch To 16-Inch Waistline, Woman Shrinks Self With Corset [Video]

A fetish model shrinks her 30-inch waistline to 16 inches with a corset.

The Wolf of wall Street

From Companies Oct 30

Bombshell, Shocking And Wild Read: Jefferies & Co. Sage Kelly Forces Wife To Have Sex With Clients For A Deal

Sage Kelly of Jefferies & Co. has allegedly forced his wife Christina Kelly to have sex with clients.