Articles By Ashley Portero

From Politics & Policy Jul 14, 2012

Is Mitt Romney's Campaign Over Before It Even Began?

Recent reports that indicate Mitt Romney may have misrepresented his tenure at Bain Capital could be a fatal blow to his campaign.

From Politics & Policy Jul 14, 2012

Democrats Renew Campaign Finance Reform Fight, With No Help From John McCain

Although Sen. John McCain had indicated he would support the Democratic-backed Disclose Act, he is opposing the bill along with the rest of the Senate GOP.

From Politics & Policy Jul 13, 2012

Mitt Romney Stayed At Bain Years After He Claims, Government Documents Show

SEC filings name Romney as chief executive and chairman of Bain in 2002, three years after he says he resigned to run the Winter Olympics.

From Health Jul 12, 2012

Texas Women's Health Program Wants To Stop Doctors From Even Talking About Abortion

Under its new proposed rules for the state program, doctors and clinic affiliates would be barred from "promoting" abortion services to patients.

From Politics & Policy Jul 12, 2012

Watch Mitt Romney Get Booed By NAACP

Mitt Romney was booed at least twice during his Wednesday address at the NAACP conference in Houston, Texas.

From Politics & Policy Jul 12, 2012

Mitt Romney Insists There's Nothing Shady About Tax Returns He Won't Release

The Obama campaign and the media are questioning the GOP presidential candidate's refusal to release more information about his personal finances, following a Vanity Fair investigation into his extensive offshore holdings.

From Education Jul 11, 2012

School Districts Are Ignoring Florida's 'School Prayer Law'

Although Florida's school prayer law -- technically known as an "inspiration message law" -- technically went into effect on Sunday, state officials say only one school district has even considered implementing the law.

From Health Jul 11, 2012

Who Stands To Lose From Health Care Law? Members Of Congress

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would allow members of Congress to keep their government-subsidized health plans, something they will lose if they law is fully implemented as a result of a Republican-sponsored amendment to the bill.

From Health Jul 10, 2012

Florida Shuts Down Only TB Hospital During Worst Outbreak In 20 Years

The worst tuberculosis outbreak the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has seen in 20 years is occurring among Jacksonville, Florida's homeless population, the Palm Beach Post reports. But state officials did little to address it.

From Politics & Policy Jul 10, 2012

How Much Would Middle Class Save With Bush Tax Cut Extension?

President Barack Obama on Monday called for ending the so-called Bush tax cuts for the rich while preserving those cuts for Americans earning below $250,000 a year.