Articles By Ashley Portero

From Politics & Policy Aug 08, 2012

Mitt Romney Blamed For Death of Steelworker's Wife In New Super PAC Ad

An ad from the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA not only accuses him of being morally culpable for the death of a steelworker's wife, but calls out the GOP presidential nominee for having no empathy.

From Politics & Policy Aug 07, 2012

Obama Supports Exempting Olympic Awards From Taxes, Agreeing With Republicans

President Barack Obama would reportedly support legislation that could potentially offer huge tax breaks to Olympic athletes with hefty endorsement contracts.

From Politics & Policy Aug 07, 2012

Romney Campaign Outpaces Obama Again With $101.3M In July

For the third month in a row, the Romney campaign has raised more than Obama's. But, ultimately, the president's campaign still outpaces Romney's.

From Politics & Policy Aug 05, 2012

Voters Don't Like Mitt Romney: GOP Candidate's Personal Favorability In The Red, Pew Reports

Try as he might, Mitt Romney just cannot connect with the average American voter. That point was highlighted this week by a survey that found there are more people with unfavorable views of the Republican presidential candidate than there are people with favorable views of him.

From Society Aug 05, 2012

Prison Chief Pens Memo Urging Inmates Not To Commit Suicide

The director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons tells inmates not to "lose hope," following the highly publicized suicide of a prisoner in the notorious maximum security prison in Colorado unofficially known as ADX Florence.

From Politics & Policy Aug 05, 2012

Is President Obama Racist? New Super PAC Vows To Expose Pattern of 'Black Racism'

A new super PAC called will "connect the dots to explain the one political vulnerability of President Obama that no one else has the stomach to bring up."

From Politics & Policy Aug 04, 2012

Iowa Rep. Steve King's Week Of Insanity

The Republican congressman defended animal fighting -- twice! -- revisited birther conspiracies and declared his preferences for ATM's with English-only options.

From Politics & Policy Aug 03, 2012

Do You Know Who's Paying For The 2012 US Election?

Forty-seven people account for 57 percent of the money raised by super PAC's this election cycle. Most Americans have no idea that this is happening or what it means.

From Politics & Policy Aug 02, 2012

The Tea Party's Dilemma: Georgia Voters Want New Roads But Said No To A Plan To Fund Them

Georgia residents say the state is in desperate need of new infrastructure to check its growing traffic congestion. But on Tuesday, voters rejected a plan to fund that construction.

From Politics & Policy Aug 02, 2012

Here Are The Democrats Skipping Out On The Democratic National Convention

These elected officials may be distancing themselves from their party leader, President Barack Obama, to boost their own reelection chances.