Articles By Ashley Portero

From Politics & Policy Sep 01, 2012

Ron Paul: The GOP 'Is Not My Party,' Still Not Endorsing Romney

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Rep. Ron Paul said he is "very skeptical" about Mitt Romney's economic policies and said his libertarian agenda has a great future.

From Politics & Policy Aug 31, 2012

Once, Republicans Supported Collective Bargaining, Mass Transit Funding, And Even Progressive Taxation

A comparison of past RNC platforms truly demonstrates how far the party has swung to the right.

From Politics & Policy Aug 30, 2012

Yes, President Obama Has Worked In the Private Sector

Romney surrogates love to say Obama has less private sector experience than a kid running a lemonade stand. That is not true.

From Politics & Policy Aug 29, 2012

RNC Fundraising Events: Assault Rifle Raffles, 'Milk and Cookies' With Lindsey Graham And One Really Expensive Journey Concert

Republicans have scheduled more than 200 fundraising events during their time in Tampa, Fla., for the Republican National Convention.

From Politics & Policy Aug 29, 2012

Prominent Republicans Who Don't Agree With The RNC's Ultra-Conservative Platform

The RNC draft committee has come up with a platform that was recently called "the most conservative" in modern history. But some Republicans have spoken out against some of its more controversial positions.

From Politics & Policy Aug 25, 2012

CBO Warns Of Recession But Says Ending High-Income Tax Cuts Could Save Almost $1 Trillion

A Congressional Budget Office analysis released Wednesday warns the U.S. could be heading for a recession in 2013 if Congress enacts scheduled spending cuts and tax increases.

From Politics & Policy Aug 24, 2012

Who Are The Wealthiest Members of Congress?

Republicans comprise a majority of The Hill's 2012 list of the 50 wealthiest congressional lawmakers. But, seven of the top 10 richest members of Congress are all Senate Democrats.

From Health Aug 24, 2012

Majority Of Swing State Voters Oppose Medicare Changes, But Florida Seniors Still Love Ryan

In Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin, most voters do not want to see the kind of changes to Medicare proposed by the Romney-Ryan ticket.

From Health Aug 23, 2012

Republicans Hope To Adopt ‘Most Conservative Platform’ In Modern History

The RNC's 2012 platform calls for annual audits of the Federal Reserve, bans all legal recognition of same-sex couples and prohibits abortion in cases of rape and incest.

From Politics & Policy Aug 23, 2012

Todd Akin Is The New Face Of Ideological Conservatism, But His Campaign Cash Doesn't Back That Up

Rep. Todd Akin's pro-life comments thrust him into national recognition as the new face of ideological conservatism. But the six-term congressman has received a bulk of campaign contributions from the business community, not pro-GOP ideological groups.