Articles By Ashley Portero

From Politics & Policy Sep 07, 2012

Obama Campaign Previews DNC Acceptance With 'Promises Kept' Video

The video, released on Thursday, highlights the pledges President Obama has kept since entering the White House. But what promises hasn't he kept?

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

Bill Clinton Makes Passionate Case For Second Obama Term

"I want you to know I believe it. With all my heart, I believe it," former President Clinton said, telling the audience that President Obama is the person who will improve the lives of middle class families.

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

DNC 2012: Elizabeth Warren Says Obama 'Gets It', Calls Him Fighter For Middle Class [EXCERPT]

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren casts Obama as a defender of middle class values in her DNC address.

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

DNC 2012: Bill Clinton Speech Excerpt Indicates Former President Will Push Obama Economic Message

"The most important question is, what kind of country do you want to live in? If you want a you're-on-your-own, winner-take-all society, you should support the Republican ticket. If you want a country of shared prosperity and shared responsibility - a we're-all-in-this-together society - you should vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden," reads the prepared remarks.

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

10 Things To Know About San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro

Castro, already being hailed as a rising star in the Democratic Party, gave a much-praised keynote speech at the convention Tuesday when he made his national debut. But he has been a prominent presence in San Antonio's Chicano community since his teen years.

From Politics & Policy Sep 05, 2012

Democratic Platform 2012: Pro-Gay Marriage, Weak On Guns, And Completely Silent On Civil Liberties

The Democrats' 2012 platform will be officially adopted on Tuesday night.

From Politics & Policy Sep 05, 2012

Obama Gives Himself 'Incomplete' Grade On Economic Policy But Insists Recovery Underway

Republican critics jumped on President Obama's remarks as more evidence that the he is not capable of reviving the economy.

From Politics & Policy Sep 05, 2012

President Obama Teams Up With A (Possibly) Stoned Kal Penn In New Campaign Video

When times are tough, there is one person the president can rely on -- Kal Penn.

From Health Sep 01, 2012

Death With Dignity: Doctor-Prescribed Suicide For Terminally Ill May Soon Be A Way To Die In Massachusetts

Nearly two decades ago, Oregon became the first state to allow terminally ill patients to get a prescription for drugs that could be used to take their own lives. Since then, about 600 people in the state have chosen to die in this fashion. Now, it's Massachusetts' turn to consider legalizing this controversial way of death.

From Politics & Policy Sep 01, 2012

DNC 2012: Instead of Cash, AFL-CIO Offering 'Hugs From Thugs'

The nation's largest federation of labor unions, traditionally a major Democratic supporter, may have scaled back its financial support because of the event's location in a severely anti-union state.