Articles By Ashley Portero

From Health Sep 19, 2012

Abortions Increase By 25 Percent In Pro-Life Arizona

Despite the spike in pregnancy terminations, the state health department continues to stand by its abstinence-only education program.

From Politics & Policy Sep 19, 2012

Why Almost Half Of Americans Pay No Federal Income Tax

Whatever Mitt Romney says, most of them are too poor to qualify.

From Society Sep 18, 2012

Clemency Denied For Pennsylvania Inmate Who Killed His Alleged Sexual Abuser

Terry Williams, who killed his sexual abuser, is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Oct. 3.

From Politics & Policy Sep 17, 2012

US, Libya Officials Offer Differing Accounts Of Deadly Benghazi Attack

The U.S. says there is no evidence at this point to indicate the attack on the American consulate was premeditated, but Libya suggests it was plotted by foreign extremists.

From Law Sep 17, 2012

Supreme Court Conservatives, Feeling Betrayed, Leaked Roberts Health Care Switch, Book Says

Chief Justice John Roberts had a change of heart after reflecting on how rejecting the health care law would impact his legacy on the court, according to a new book by Jeffrey Toobin.

From Politics & Policy Sep 17, 2012

Poll Says Obama Would Crush Romney In Fistfight. Because You Really Want To Know

Maybe it's the age difference?

From Politics & Policy Sep 17, 2012

At Least 14 Dead As Muslim Protests Spread To 20 Countries

The protests, ignited over a low-budget American-produced video that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad, have spread across the world from France to Indonesia.

From Politics & Policy Sep 15, 2012

More Voters Say Democrats Are Tough On Terrorism: Poll

The poll, conducted a week before the wave of attacks on U.S. consulates in the Middle East, found voters believe Democrats are just as formidable as Republicans when it comes to protecting the U.S. from terrorism.

From Politics & Policy Sep 15, 2012

A Libertarian US President? Gary Johnson Will Be On Ballot In 47 States

If Ron Paul supporters unite behind Johnson, he could potentially siphon votes from Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in more than one swing state.

From Politics & Policy Sep 14, 2012

Ladies, You're Still Earning Less: Census Reports Gender Wage Gap Didn't Budge In 2011

Almost 50 years after the passage of the 1963 Equal Pay Act, women still take in 77 cents for each dollar earned by a man.