Articles By Amrutha Gayathri

From Politics & Policy Apr 27, 2013

Obama Reiterates Warning Against Syrian Chemical Weapons Use; UK’s Cameron Cites Iraq Lesson For Holding Back Western Action

U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated his warning to Syria that the use of chemical weapons will be a “game changer” for the U.

From Politics & Policy Mar 20, 2013

South Korea Investigating Suspected Cyber Attack Targeting Broadcasters, Banks

South Korean authorities are investigating network outages that hit the nation’s key broadcasters and banks Wednesday.

From Politics & Policy Jan 15, 2013

Pakistan Spring? Tahirul Qadri Leads Massive Protest To Dissolve Government

A massive protest in Islamabad led by a Sufi cleric, purportedly to clean up Pakistani politics, turned violent Monday.

From Politics & Policy Jan 11, 2013

Delhi Gang-Rape: The Safest Indian City For A Single Woman

Why do many people say south India poses less danger to a woman compared to the other parts of India?.

From Politics & Policy Sep 18, 2012

Protests Over Anti-Islamic Movie Spreading In Asia; Indonesia Sees Violence

Protests in Indonesia over an alleged anti-Muslim movie made in the U.S. continued for the second day Tuesday, a day after demonstrations outside the U.S. Embassy turned violent, even as Google censored the video in the world's largest Muslim-majority nation to comply with the local law.

From Politics & Policy Sep 18, 2012

10 Killed In Kabul Blast; Militant Group Retaliates For 'Innocence Of Muslims'

At least 10 people, including nine foreigners, were killed Tuesday morning in Kabul, the Afghan capital, in a suicide bomb attack on a minibus believed to be transporting foreign aviation workers to the airport, news agencies reported, citing officials.

From Politics & Policy Sep 17, 2012

Afghan Protest Over Anti-Muslim Film Turns Violent

Hundreds of demonstrators attacked the security personnel and burned cars early Monday during protests in the Afghan capital against an anti-Islamic film that has been creating ripples in the Middle East, North Africa and some parts of Asia.

From Politics & Policy Sep 17, 2012

Anti-Japanese Protests Erupt Across China; Beijing Raises Trade Threats Over Disputed Islands

In the wake of the rising tensions with Japan over a disputed set of islands in the East China Sea, China has threatened to retaliate with economic measures that would negatively impact the Sino-Japanese trade.

From Politics & Policy Sep 13, 2012

Fresh Violence Erupts Outside US Embassy In Egypt

Fresh violence erupted near the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, some 24 hours after a violent mob illegally entered the embassy building and burned the U.S. flag while protesting an anti-Islamic film.

From Politics & Policy Sep 13, 2012

US Opens Investigation Into Chris Stevens’ Death, Libyans Condemn Killing [PHOTOS]

Following the death of U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, the first killing of a U.S. ambassador in more than 30 years, the U.S. administration has opened an investigation into the incident even as the initial evidence points to the involvement of well-armed thugs rather than an out-of-control mob.