Articles By Alistair Charlton

From Tech Nov 18, 2013

Twitter Alerts Service Extended to UK

Twitter Alerts lets emergency services highlight important tweets and push notifications to followers in UK and Ireland.

From Tech Nov 16, 2013

Bitcoin Miners Cash in on Digital Gold Rush

The bitcoin boom is not restricted to buying and selling - there is money to be made in selling mining equipment too.

From Tech Nov 15, 2013

Samsung to Launch Smartphone With Three-Sided Curved Display in 2014

Next year, Samsung will launch a smartphone with a curved display covering three sides of the device.

From Tech Nov 15, 2013

Google Joins Facebook in Snapchat's Reject Pile as £2.5bn Offer is Declined

Snapchat rejects £2.5bn buyout offer from Google, soon after Facebook offer of £2bn was also shunned by profitless startup.

From Tech Nov 15, 2013

PlayStation 4 Goes on Sale in US

As the PlayStation 4 goes on sale in the US, Sony takes over London's Oxo Tower and Covent Garden ahead of the UK release date.

From Tech Nov 15, 2013

PlayStation 4 Problem Investigated by Sony Ahead of US Launch

Sony investigates PS4 problem on the eve of US launch of next-generation video game console.

From Tech Nov 14, 2013

Bitcoin Value Passes $400 Ahead of Virtual Currency Hearing at US Senate

Bitcoin value smashed through $400 barrier, as unprecedented growth continues ahead of US Senate hearing.

From Tech Nov 14, 2013

Miss Teen USA Webcam Hacker Pleads Guilty to Extortion

Computer science student who took naked photos of teenage beauty pageant winner through hacked webcam pleads guilty.

From Tech Nov 14, 2013

Smartphone and Tablet Use Cleared for Takeoff on European Flights

Smartphones and tablets will soon be cleared for use during taxiing, takeoff and landing on European flights.

From Tech Nov 14, 2013

Motorola: We're Back and We're Lowering The Price of Premium

Motorola is back and it is committed to selling premium smartphones at low prices.