Articles By Alistair Charlton

From Tech Nov 25, 2013

Bitcoin 2.0 - How Litecoin is Looking to Cash in on Crypto-Currency Popularity

Alistair Charlton investigates litecoin, the crypto-currency looking to ride the wave of bitcoin's success.

From Tech Nov 23, 2013

Virgin Galactic Accepts Bitcoin Payments for Space Flights

Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic accepts bitcoins as payment for commercial space flights.

From Tech Nov 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Video Shows Curved Metal Design

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept video shows curved metal mock-up with 64-built processor and 4k video recording.

From Tech Nov 22, 2013

Retailer Game Confirms New Xbox One Orders Will Arrive For Christmas

Video game retailer Game confirms new Xbox One orders will arrive by Christmas, as Xbox Live issues are fixed.

From Tech Nov 22, 2013

Cryptolocker Lowers Ransom Cost to Offset Soaring Bitcoin Value

Ransomware programme Cryptolocker lowers the price victims must pay in wake of soaring bitcoin value.

From Tech Nov 22, 2013

Xbox One Goes on Sale Worldwide

The Xbox One goes on sale worldwide, as retail stores in the UK, US and Europe open at midnight.

From Tech Nov 22, 2013

Cyprus University Accepts Bitcoin for Tuition Fee Payments

University of Nicosia now accepts bitcoins as payment for tuition fees, and is to launch digital currency masters.

From Tech Nov 21, 2013

Acer Hires Retired Founder as Chairman in Boardroom Reshuffle

Acer hires company founder Stan Shih, 68, as chairman and to replace departed CEO-in-waiting Jim Wong.

From Tech Nov 21, 2013

UK Lets NSA Analyse and Store Phone Numbers of Innocent British Citizens

Secret agreement between the US and UK allows NSA to analyse and store personal information of innocent Britons.

From Tech Nov 21, 2013

Hudl Trouble: Why the Tesco Tablet Annoyed a Tech City CEO

Huddle CEO Alastair Mitchel isn't a fan of the Tesco Hudl, after it borrowed the name of his cloud software company.