Articles By Alistair Charlton

From Tech Nov 28

Bitcoin Value Passes $1,000 for First Time

Bitcoin value passes landmark value as crypto-currency gains wider international acceptance.

From Tech Nov 28

Lost Hard Drive Sparks £4m Bitcoin Treasure Hunt in South Wales

A hard drive containing £4m of bitcoins is buried in a recycling plant in Newport, south Wales.

From Tech Nov 27

Bitcoin Black Friday Proves Digital Currency Isn't Just For Saving

Bitcoin Black Friday deals encourage users to actually use their bitcoins like a real currency.

From Tech Nov 27, 2013

Microsoft Surface 2 Review - Less Than The Sum of Its Parts

The Microsoft Surface 2 is a solid improvement on the original, but can it replace my laptop, tablet, or both?

From Tech Nov 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Round Sales Falter as Consumers Shun Curved Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Round sees poor sales in its home market as consumers shun curved smartphones.

From Tech Nov 26, 2013

Google Glass Invitations Sent to Developers as Public Launch Draws Closer

Google Glass invitations have been sent out to more developers, as its public launch draws closer.

From Tech Nov 26, 2013

Cyber Criminals Steal $1m of Bitcoin from Danish Exchange

Cyber criminals have stolen $1m worth of bitcoins from Bips, a leading European exchange and wallet service.

From Tech Nov 26, 2013

Zuckerberg Selfie Stick is an Early Christmas Present for Facebook Founder

The Zuckerberg Selfie Stick will bring about the Selfie 2.0 revolution, claims manufacturer Kogan.

From Tech Nov 26, 2013

British Parents to Spend £3bn on Kids' Tech Gifts This Christmas

British parents prepare to spend £3bn on kid's gadget gifts this Christmas, as budget tablets prove popular.

From Tech Nov 26, 2013

Racing Post User Details Stolen in 'Aggressive Attack' on Website

Racing Post users' names and passwords stolen in 'sophisticated, sustained' cyber attack on website.