A masked man speaking in what is believed to be a North American accent in a video that Islamic State militants released in September 2014

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Chilling: New ISIS Video Addresses Australia; Aussie Teen Delivers Message

An Aussie teen delivers chilling message to Australians in new ISIS propaganda video.

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Special Forces Soldier, Spy, Handgun, Drinking Session, Afghanistan – Dangerous Combination

Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, Dr Vivienne Thom, revealed an alarming incident involving a special forces soldier and an Australian spy

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Musical Ride demonstrate their charge

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‘Radicalised’ Canadian Killed After Injuring Two Soldiers In Hit & Run

Canadian officers shot a driver died during a hit and run case.

A Z-JH8 helicopter sits on the deck of the Chinese People Liberation Army Naval hospital ship Peace Ark at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam in Honolulu, Hawaii, July 5, 2014.

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Russia Accused Of Custodial Torture Of A Woman Pilot Captured From Ukraine: Moscow Bracing For Protests By Rights Activists

Russia needs to protect the human rights of suspects as per protocols concerning action in conflict zones.

A car navigates past fallen trees and electric cables after Hurricane Gonzalo passed through in Sandys Parish, western Bermuda, October 18, 2014. Hurricane Gonzalo scored a direct hit on Bermuda Friday night into Saturday morning, pummelling the tiny isla

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Britons Advised to Brace for Strong Hurricane Gonzalo Bearing Winds Up to 75mph; Affects Flights, Train Services

Residents in the United Kingdom have been advised to prepare against hurricane Gonzalo.

Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam makes an appeal for a "yes" vote during a pro-republic rally

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Australia Loses Former PM Gough Whitlam

Australian Parliament paid tribute to former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam who died at 98.

This U.S. Navy handout image shows Baker, the second of the two atomic bomb tests, in which a 63-kiloton warhead was exploded 90 feet under water as part of Operation Crossroads, conducted at Bikini Atoll in July 1946 to measure nuclear weapon effects on

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Just So You May Know Russia Has 5000 Nukes – Putin Tells the World

Vladimir Putin warned the U.S. and its allies Russia's 5,000 nuclear warheads are just around the corner, ready to be fired anytime.


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North Korea Founder Receives Blood Transfusion For ‘Eternal’ Life

Kim Il Sung had sought ways to reach 100 years old

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Alleged Russian Submarine Spy Spotted In Stockholm Waters

Sweden military forces are scouring for an alleged Russian submarine off Stockholm waters

Turkish Kurds watch the Syrian town of Kobani from near the Mursitpinar border crossing

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Kobani Fight Against ISIS: Turkey Finally Sheds Anti-Kurds Stand And Allows Peshmerga Kurds Into Kobani

For the U.S. mollifying Turkey seems to be a larger task than galvanising forces to take on ISIS.