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Electricity Companies Didn’t Pass On Full Benefit Of Carbon Tax Repeal To Aussie Consumers

Prime Minister Tony Abbott may have won votes when as Opposition leader he promised to repeal the carbon tax pushed by then PM Julia Gillard. While he succeeded in repealing the measure after the coalition got the majority in the September 2013 federal election, Aussie voters now appear to get the short end of his electoral promise.

Filipino soldiers with K9 sniffing dogs board a military plane at the Villamor air base in Pasay city, metro Manila October 7, 2014, as they embark on a search operation for the hideout of Abu Sayyaf group, an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group who are belie

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Terrorists in Canada Aren’t Tracked ‘All the Time’ Due to ‘Limited Resources’ – Spies

Canada's spy agency is unequipped to track all suspected 80 terrorists in its shores due to limited funds.

A man works at the West Qurna oilfield in southern Basra October 13, 2014. Oil prices are hovering just above $90 per barrel, a level last seen in June 2012, putting a strong spotlight on OPEC producing countries. They face calls to cut output at, or befo

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ISIS Earns $800 Million Per Year Selling Oil to Black Market

The ISIS earns a whopping $2 million per day selling oil to the black market.

The Swedish minesweeper HMS Kullen and a guard boat are seen in the search for suspected "foreign underwater activity" at Namdo Bay, Stockholm October 21, 2014. Sweden's military is working on two new observations that could be evidence of

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Swedish Military Spots ‘Russian Submarine’ Off Stockholm Coast, An Alarming ‘Security Game Changer’

The Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are panicking over the alleged sighting of a Russian submarine in Sweden's territorial waters.

Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk (L) greets Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at Westerplatte, September 1, 2009, during ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland.

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Russia Wanted To Divide Ukraine With Poland As Early As 2008, Says Polish Ex-Minister

Poland's former foreign minister said Russia wanted so bad to divide Ukraine as early as four years ago.

Russia's envoy to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov arrives for an EU-Russia-Ukraine trilateral energy meeting at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels June 11, 2014. Russia and Ukraine will resume efforts to resolve a gas pricing disput

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Moscow Will Not Publish List of Banned Persons, Also to Ban Imports of European Animal Fat, Meat Byproducts, Fruits and Vegetables

Enter Russia at your own risk, or so the country tells the banned persons on its list.

Members loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) wave ISIL flags as they drive around Raqqa June 29, 2014. The offshoot of al Qaeda which has captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria has declared itself an Islamic "Caliphate&qu

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No Mercy: ISIS, Father Stones to Death Daughter for Alleged Adultery

A woman in the ISIS caliphate has been stoned to death by her own father.

Defence attorneys in the Pirate Bay copyright trial hold a T-shirt reading 'The Battle has Begun' following the closing arguments at city court in Stockholm March 3, 2009. Pirate Bay co-founders Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij and

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The Pirate Bay Blockade: Cost Of Blocking Websites Like TPB Is Ridiculously High

It is quite expensive to block pirate websites like The Pirate Bay.

An advertisement for donations to fight Ebola in Africa is displayed on a bus stop near the apartment building of the nurse who contracted Ebola, in Alcorcon, outside Madrid, October 8, 2014. Spanish health authorities said on Wednesday that another perso

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WHO Declares Nigeria Ebola-Free, Urges Other Nations To Replicate Success Story

Nigeria's been Ebola-free for six weeks now, according to the World Health Organisation.

New Zealand Dollar

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New Zealand Sets Record Number of Migrants; NZ Dollar Rises Amid US Economy Uncertainties

New Zealand has set a new record for the highest number of migrants flocking to the country for the year ended Sept. 30.