April-Lee Gillen Update: Australian Teen's Family Calls for Help, Facebook Post Suggests Assault, Not Accident?

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Teenage girl Arpil-lee Gillen was the latest victim of a hit-and-run tragedy, which happened around 1 a.m. on April 22. Her last Facebook post contains clues and indications of  events leading to her current condition at a hospital's ICU. Her family has turned to social media channels, hoping to find answers on what happened to the young woman. 

17-year-old April-lee Gillen, a resident of Berkeley in Australia, was found in a bloodied state after being speculated to be hit-and-run in the streets of Northcliffe Drive in Lake Heights, South of Wollongong just past midnight. According to the residents who first found April, she was already bleeding bad from head injuries.

Click here to view image of April-lee Gillen on her official Facebook account.

Local policemen who came to the scene addressed the case as a hit-and-run. Neighbors mentioned of hearing a loud bang few minutes only after April-lee was found. Information on the cause of the accident has not yet concluded, as investigation is ongoing. But April-lee's Facebook post suggests there is more to the case than just hit and run.

April's last Facebook message goes: "Phones on 1 percent walking from warrawong to berks and some Asian guy just stopped me telling me to come home with him cause it's safe and I need help wtf sos," reported by Megan Levy of The Sydney Morning Herald. In current investigations, there might have been a foul play between April and the last person she encountered.  The accident may have happened shortly after April posted her situation on Facebook. 

What's important for the Gillen family at the moment is April's recovery. Their family is calling out for any help on April's case.

Telephone lines are open for any additional witness information about the incident. Feel free to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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