April Fool's Prank Gone Bad: Mom Gets Arrested for April Fool's Joke

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A mom from South Carolina played an April Fool's prank that has gone bad and gets her arrested.

Angela Timmons, a 54-year-old employee of Virginia College, sent a text message to her daughter saying a gunman on the loose is on the local college firing gunshots around the campus and have not responded to her daughter for quite some time.

Soon after receiving the text message, her daughter April Timmons decided to call 911 to report the incident.

"My mother works at Virginia College and she just called me saying that they're hiding in a file cabinet office because there are gunshots on campus," April Timmons can be heard saying to the dispatcher in an audio file posted in MyFoxPhilly Web site.

Later in the recorded conversation, April Timmons said sorry to the officer on the phone after contacting her mother and knowing that it was just an April Fool's prank.

Though, the police has already responded to the area and found no gunman or anything unusual. They started investigating about what really happened and later found out that Angela Timmons was responsible.

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Timmons claimed that she had been doing April's fool joke. This prank though unexpectedly caused hassles and disturbances to the school as well as to the deputies who responded to the prank incident.

The Virginia College administration expressed their disappointment on what had happened. The college is not clear though about what will happen with Timmons' employment.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright who was involved in handling the case said that the prank was not funny at all.

"I take full responsibility, let me say that. What happened, it was a simple, if you can imagine, a simple prank. I chose in bad judgment, not thinking, I chose the wrong prank given today's times...I am so apologetic and sorry to my coworkers at Virginia College who were impacted by that pressure or that stress of the moment, but I had no intentions of doing that," Timmons told the WYFF News 4 in an interview.

Timmons was arrested for the joke and were charged with aggravated breach of peace and two counts of unlawful use of telephone.

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