April Fool’s Day Best Pranks from Google

By @AringoYenko on

Google is out and about again as sheepishly as ever with its April Fool's Day pranks.

Here are the top four pranks among the many widespread in the internet on April 1.

  • The Pokemon Challenge

From Google Maps on Android, press the search bar and then 'Press to Start'. You will be routed to a 'location' where you are supposed to catch all 150 Pokemon. Through clicking each Pokemon from your Pokedex you'll get a full bio of each of them.

The Prank:

Google announced that it is looking for a person to take the job as Pokemon Master. In order to apply for the job, interested applicants should catch all 150 Pokemons. Deadline for application is on April 2.

"Our hiring committee must first battle to determine who can best judge the Pokemon Master. The battle date has yet to be set, so the role of Pokemon Master is not yet available," Google said in its Web site.

  • Gmail Shelfies

Log in to your Gmail Account and you'll read this message:

"Selfie custom themes are incredibly popular in Gmail and they just got better. With Shelfies (Shareable Selfies) you can set your own photo as a Gmail custom theme and share it with your friends so they can enjoy looking at you as much as you do."

This allows users to have their photos as their inbox's theme. Google users can share their shelfies among each other.

The Prank:  Google takes the credit of introducing the selfie trend.

In a satirical blog post, Google wrote:

"As the pioneering platform for selfies, Gmail is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the selfie space. And we think it's a tragedy that your handsome hair, luscious lashes and beautiful brows have been trapped in your own inbox. Until now, that is."

  • Emoji Translates

Open up Chrome and browse to any site, hit the menu button and select "Translate to Emoji."

The Prank: Words will translate to Emoji, that by the end of the day, people are going to read sentences by 'deciphering' Emojis for each word.

  • The Magic Hand

Google Japan announces a gadget called The Magic Hand which has a controllable finger and can touch your phone's screen for you. Magic hand comes in different models to suit your mood.

Magic Hand's full spec list :

1.       The number of stick: One

2.       Number of buttons: One

3.       Size: 100mm (W) × 390mm (H) × 180mm (D) arm when folded 580mm: the length of the arm during deployment

4.       Weight: 800g

5.       Operating sound: (Hand when using the cat) 30dB (standard) / 22dB

6.       Battery life: 17 hours up to

7.       Sensor: SOKUIKI laser sensor (Class 1 laser use), CMOS camera

8.       Interface: USB 2.0 (type A) × 2, Bluetooth, wireless LAN (IEEE802.11n/g/b), IrDA

9.       Accessories: Power adapter, mobile device stand, carry bag, quick instruction guide, warranty card

10.   Hand replacement: Right hand (three), left hand (three), the hand of the cat, scratcher, Trump Card

The Prank: The Magic Hand does not exist.

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