Apple’s Significant New iOS 8 App - Healthbook; Can This App Revolutionize the Health and Fitness Care For the Better?

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As the whole world tries to get fitter and healthier with little effort they can afford to put in, can there be a better time to launch this app? Apple could be the pioneer in introducing the healthcare and fitness-tracking App. Apple's new iOS application is called Healthbook.

What is Healthbook?

Apparently, Healthbook's user interface is similar to iPhone's Passbook application. According to 9To5Mac, each category of functionality is based on a card-like design in the Healthbook. Cards are differentiated by colors and the tabs can be customized.

Healthbook can be used to track the range of stats relating to blood pressure, physical activity, heart rate, hydration, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and weight.

With the limited set of available images, Apple is not working on tracking stress or pregnancy data points. But these pointers could be a trigger for future app enhancements.

Should App Developers be Worried?

There are many health and fitness apps available in App Stores. But this comprehensive app from Apple could potentially catapult every other app. This app is a default part of iOS, Today's iPhone claimed.

With this app, Apple could supersede the popular health and fitness app MyFitnessPal. So will be the case of many other famous apps.

What About the Hardware?

From the hardware end, to measure all the health and fitness related data points, iPhone's M7 motion co-processor could be used to track the miles, calories burned, steps taken and even render the input back to Healthbook.

For rest of the stats, it's assumed that third-party accessories could feed the data into the iPhone.  Also, Apple's "iWatch" (rumored) will be able to track a lot of data points, including sensors for blood pressure, heart rate and the others, 9to5mac claimed.

Notably, Apple's Healthbook coupled with iWatch could be a killer combination to revolutionize the personal health and fitness tracking market.

What Could be the Killer Functionality in Healthbook?

Healthbook can track blood sugar levels. According to reports, the 2013 statistics from the American Diabetes Association said "approximately 26 million individuals in the United States have diabetes. 1.9 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed each year, and one in three adults will have diabetes by 2050 if the current trend continues."

To track their blood sugar levels, diabetes patients use "blood checkers" a couple of times a day. This is where Apple's health care app can change things radically for the better.

Do we Have a Launch Date?

According to 9to5mac, Apple is testing the Healthbook software with iOS 8, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But it is being speculated that the app launch could be forced back to a future operating system version or canceled entirely.

If the application is tied to an Apple device like iWatch, the debut could be connected to that hardware release and may not be introduced with iOS 8 functionality during Apple's mid-2014 WDC.

Are you using any health or fitness tracking apps? If so, what do you think of the new app? What functionality do you think should Apple incorporate?

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