Apple's MacBook Air 2014 May Have Quantum Dot-Enhanced Retina Displays, Brace For Next-Generation Airs

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Apple will be releasing iPhone 6, its next flagship phone, later this year. While the spotlight is on the handset, the next line of MacBook Air is also getting much attention.

Recent reports claimed Apple gears up for the release of 2014 MacBook Airs. The upcoming Airs will be featuring quantum dot-enhanced retina displays. Can the new Airs change the game for laptops? 

It seems Apple wants more than its existing Retina display. According to latest data, the company has been looking into innovative ways of pushing screen technology. The tech giant seeks more out of screen clarity and resolution. 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published three Apple patent applications on Feb. 6. The patents described a mechanism in enhancing the retina display by using quantum dots. This will improve color and allow the display to be more accurate. 

According to TechNewsWorld, color uniformity is one of the best ways to check display quality. Color uniformity refers to the range of brightness levels. For majority of displays in the market, users can adjust the existing display based on the preferred level of brightness. 

For quantum dot display, it features a shift in current that can change the color or wavelength of light produced by the display. 

"Quantum dots enhance the color performance of displays by expanding the color gamut," NewsTechWorld quoted Vinita Jakhanwal, director of small and medium displays at IHS iSuppli. 

"In common terms, the colors on the displays are enhanced to look more saturated and more life-like. The implementation of quantum dot technology also helps improves the power efficiency of the display," she explained, "which in turn results in better utilization of battery and backlight ... and can lead to device designs that are thinner and lighter." 

According to a report by Tech Radar, the quantum dots will allow Apple to improve the color gamut of displays. The quantum dots can substitute regular LED phosphor. The LED phosphor usually leaks a lot of light. It also washes out colors. Quantum dots can release more specific and narrower light spectrum. 

The use of quantum dots will mark the first major upgrade to Apple's line of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Air and iPad Mini. People will have to stay tune for more announcements from Apple about the MacBook Air.

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