Apple's Mac Mini 2014 Release Date: A Roundup of UK Rumours, Specs and Price

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It has been more than a year since Apple updated Mac Mini - October  23, 2012; and even then the changes were only modest. Thus, many have been asking when the new Mac Mini is coming out. Herewith are the best guess of the new Mac Mini's release date, specs and UK price - courtesy of Karen Haslam from Macworld.

The Mac mini is the smallest and cheapest desktop Mac by Apple. Priced at £499, it is a full-blown OS X which can work perfectly in the core of your digital home, as it has HDMI sockets. It comes with no mouse, display nor keyboard (which you can buy separately) but can be plugged into a modern TV. There is also a Mac mini with OS X server for £849.

Release Date

Recent rumors suggest the Mac Mini will be updated and pointing to launch in January or February. However, we still see no sign of the new Mac mini. A poster in the MacRumours forum claimed he contacted a Belgium Computer Store and was advised the new Mac mini will launch end of February. That did not happen, obviously.

2014 Mac Mini Specs

At the moment, Mac mini is offering 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and 2.5GHz dual-processor.   As per the Computer Store in Belgium source said, the new Mac Mini will have variants of Core i5 and i7 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The next inexpensive Mac, MacBook Air entry level comes with 1.3 GHx dual-core processor, 128GB SSD, Intel's HD graphics 500 and 4GB RAM. It's priced at £849.  Alternatively, we have Mac entry level with 2.7GHz Quad-core processor (Haswell), 1TB hard drive, Intel Iris Pro graphics at and 8GB RAM. £1,149.

Both include a screen so the price difference of £350 and £650. You can go for a £350 priced screen for your Mac mini. However, it makes Mac mini not a good deal for now. Unless it will be replaced with a Haswell chip that is more powerful and less hungry, then it will be more worth it. It's nicer if the 4GB RAM will be 8GB on the next model.

2014 Mac Mini Design

Speculations run that the real reason for the long delay is the redesign of the Mac mini along Mac Pro lines. The design for the new Mac is being doubted to be a major rebuild though many are not expecting it. However, it should be certain to be smaller, thinner or something akin to the dimensions of Apple TV; much better a Mac Mini and an Apple TV all in one!

Delayed or Discontinue?

Perhaps the delay of release is not a hold up but Cupertino is not regimented about the upgrade cycle. Though there are speculations that it will also be discontinued, with the desktop sales diving. However, Apple loyalists suggest better not. There is a market for Mac mini, and it will be significant for Apple.

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