Apple’s iPhone 6 Will Kill Android Smartphones: iPhone 6 Will be a “Chick Magnet”

By @peevesky on

Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 will be a "chick magnet" according to Rocco Pendola's piece. The soon to be release smartphone has been generating quite the buzz over the last few months especially with patents and predictions surfacing. Recent Apple patents hint that the iPhone 6 will be much different from previous offerings. Recent analyst forecasts, on the other hand, say that iPhone's new models can generate the interest if Apple can push through with the reported specs. 

According to a report by The Street, Apple has a particular appeal to the global consumer. The same should apply for the iPhone 6. More importantly, Pendola backs this up saying that the iPhone 6 should perform better than Google's Android devices. Apple has been watching over the internet giant for years. It seems intent on holding to its position. According to Richard Saintvilus from The Street: 

"I'm no expert on magnets, but unlike any other brand, Apple products have had a lure on the global consumer. The iPhone 6 won't be any different. Even more important, Pendola believes the device will demolish Google's (GOOG) Android. I agree. Apple has had Google in its sights for two years. And the search giant has done nothing but rub it in." 

Cook has apolizied to consumers in 2012 saying: "We strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment." This emphasizes Apple's distinct focus on its product offerings. 

Nonetheless, there is still collective concern whether Tim Cook can manage the company and maintain successes of its product releases. According to Pendola, Apple has an edge over its competitors. It can "demolish" Android upon release of the iPhone 6 because it has a seasoned workforce. Apple has veterans in the tech industry. Likewise, the company did not choose to produce as many handsets as Samsung and Google. Instead it sticks to one or two products and focuses on bringing premium quality. If the company decides to introduce a bigger or larger iPhone 6 then it is ready for the phablet market. 

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes that the 5.5-inch iPhone screen can crush iPad Mini sales. It should perform well in the market ensuring display and visual experience unlike any other. Apple has also obtained a patent for flexibile and curved handset design. The iPhone 6 may not fully feature the design but analysts believe that Apple can start incorporating a part of the technology to the iPhone 6. There are also reports claiming that the next handset will feature an extremely thin chassis for an all new user experience.

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