Apple’s iPhone 6 vs Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3: Epic War Brewing Between 2 Phablet Titans

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Analysts are increasingly convinced that Apple is all geared up for an epic battle in the phablet arena, likely pitting the rumoured iPhone 6 with Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, which reports said will come out a few weeks from now.

While the tech giant is far from being explicit about its combat plans, current market dynamics dictate that it is gradually moving to arrest the growing surge of Samsung in the hybrid smartphone-tablet market. And Apple will fight off the Galaxy Note onslaught by issuing an iPhone 6 that flexes all the wares that matter this year.

So how exactly the relatively new 5-inch iPhone 6 will measure up against the phablet breed veteran that is the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 3?

Chip architecture

All devices coming from Apple starting in 2013 will likely migrate to the A7 chip family, a projection first aired by KGI Securities. Should iPhone 6 becomes a reality within 2013, it is only expected that Apple's phablet debut will enjoy the most advanced technology that the tech titan is able to deploy with its version of oversized smartphone.

A7 chip, according to, is 64-bit computing that Apple has intended to release next year. But the need of the hour will reportedly compel the firm to adjust its schedule. From A6, Apple will muscle its way to sustained supremacy by producing mobile devices that are both energy-efficient and top-notch performers.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 is expected to showcase the initial real-world burst of the Exynos 5 Octa chip. This CPU breed, according to PhoneArena, "has four high performance cores that do the heavy lifting and four low performance cores that handle light housekeeping." To put into perspective, what Note 3 buyers will get with the new phablet are eight horses working in harmony while making sure that they do not expend to much energy resources.

Samsung claims that battery life will be extended by up to 70 per cent with the same chip architecture providing the life for its flagship devices. It is widely believed that both the Note 3 and the Galaxy S3 will come out with the Exynos 5 under the hood.

Activity space

Apple recently issued the 128GB model iPad 4, a move that effectively acknowledges more space is needed in active tablet computing. It is not far-fetched that Apple will allow more room for its first phablet try considering too that iPhones are designed without memory expansion. In fact, experts are predicting that upcoming iPads and iPhones will offer higher storage capacity, which is not new to Apple anyway. Note that before the advent of the iPod Touch era, the iPod Classic was selling with up to 160GB of capacious space.

The Note 3 is not seen to go beyond the 64GB mark but Samsung has always provided memory expansion slot on its key gadget products. Blog reports have suggested that while 64GB is the top storage offering for the next Galaxy Note version, the ability extend this internal space also tops the 64GB point. That leaves the two premium phablet with the same breathing room.

Screen and camera prowess

The iPhone 6 remains conservative on this respect, with Apple is opting not too stretch what it deems as the sensible smartphone screen size of five inches. Samsung, on the other hand, will go as far as 6.3-inch from the Note 2's 5.5-inch. While the actual pixel density features for both handsets remain iffy at this point, the screen battles boils down to a dogfight between Apple's Retina and Samsung's Super AMOLED.

On the camera front, Samsung is said to include 12MP main camera shooter with the Note 3 while experts could only assume that Apple is packing Super HD Camera snapper with the iPhone 6. Of course, the two phablets will rollout with decent front cams that can record 720p clips plus all the camera features that would please professionals and enthusiasts.

Platform and other key fronts

This year, Apple will correct all the woes that came with the iOS 6 and the best way to do that is by unleashing the iOS 7 with its 2013 gadget lineup. Apple fans expect better stock iPhone and iPad apps, which means more efficient Siri and navigational tool for the iPhone 6.

For the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung will whip out a good mix of JellyBean 4.2 and the latest TouchWiz serving plus ready provisions for the upcoming deployment of the latest Android from Google, the Key Lime Pie. Which is the better menu? Experts would always say it is a matter of ecosystem preference when it comes to iOS and Android scuffle.

Numerous reports have suggested that Apple will embrace NFC with the new iPhone lines and will probably blend that technology with wireless charging. The former is already a Samsung gadget mainstay while the latter is a possible addition to the Galaxy S4.

For Samsung to allow wire-free reenergising of the Galaxy Note 3 is a bonus to fans already enamoured with the device even prior to its arrival. With iPhone 6 reportedly on the way, will that 'love affair' get disrupted?

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