Apple's iPhone 6 Release Will Break Records: Release Round-up, Specs and Features

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Samsung and Apple's bout continue in 2014. Samsung went ahead firing with its new Samsung Galaxy S5, while Apple has yet to release the iPhone 6. According to recent reports, Apple may be working on an iPhone that is largely different from previous models. Whereas iPhone variants per year offer enhanced features from previous models, the upcoming handset appears to stretch what the company has offered so far. The latest information on specs and features of the device suggest the iPhone 6 could be a record breaker.

Samsung's flagship device will go ahead of Apple this April 11. However, despite the good lead time, some analysts believe the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be trailing behind iPhone. The Cupertino-based tech giant has inspired the Korean tech giant to deliver a more integrated and slick user experience. The company has veered away from squeezing eye popping tech instead of truly functional ones.

Anticipated Specs 

According to a report by Value Walk, the iPhone 6 may come in a 5.5-inch wafer thin display. Likewise, reports also note that the market can expect the largest screen on the iPhone yet. The device will be larger than the S5.

9to5Mac also reported that Apple will be using a brand new Broadcom chip. The chip will support wireless functions in the iPhone 6. The Broadcom BCM4354 will ensure the iPhone 6 have faster Wi-Fi compared to other iOS devices.

Montoring Voice Mails for Live Screening 

Throughout the weeks, countless patent sightings have been reported relating to Apple products. This time, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent describing passive audio call screening through an off-site voicemail service. In theory, this can be used in mobile phone frameworks like the iPhone.

The new patent goes by Apple's U.S. Patent No. 8,666,034 for "Audio call screening for hosted voicemail systems." According to the patent filing, Apple will be introducing landline technology to its smartphone line-up. The document describes routing incoming calls to a telephone terminal to a hosted voicemail system once the user cannot answer. When the caller leaves a message, the device establishes a conference call connection including the user, voicemail system and incoming call. This will allow the user to listen to the message being left in real time.

Remote Control 

Imagine using an iPhone without ever touching it. Apple is on its way to introducing a dynamic user interface that will allow iDevices to function based on a user's gestures from afar. Apple has secured a new patent discussing a new input method that will utilise advanced sensors to recognise movements, gestures, distance and location of a user.

The patent goes by the name "Computer User Interface System and Methods." It pertains to the use of sensors that can measure and recognise everything including the presence of a user from a location and the person's gestures. People will have to wait for Apple's official announcement to understand what to expect. 

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