Apple's iPhone 6 Design Confirmed through Leak: What Will the Next iPhone look like?

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Reports about Apple's iPhone 6 continue to spring up. Whereas previous information only consisted of prediction and leaks from anonymous sources, it seems people can see what the iPhone looks like finally. A recent leak comes with a picture of the alleged device. The schematic sheds light on what people can expect from the next flagship phone. Is this truly the iPhone 6 everyone has been keen on looking at? 

Throughout the past few weeks, a number of reports and predictions remain consistent about the iPhone 6. One of these is that it will come in two sizes: a 4.7 variant and a 5.5 edition. As mentioned, the leaked document offers a schematic of the device. It also suggests that Apple is indeed working on a 5.5-inch version. 

The leak was reported by BGR. A Chinese website posted a diagram while a French blog,, also propped it up. The blog site has a good track record of putting out leaked tech details. It has earned a reputation for being consistent with leaked images prior to their actual launch. The diagram reveals the dimensions for one of the iPhone 6 models. 

According to the report, the length of the device is around 5.9 inches. Its width is around 3.3 inches. This is a considerable enhancement from the dimensions of the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s measures 4.87 inches by 2.32 inches. 

If Apple will push through with the size on the diagram, this will make the iPhone 6 larger than the latest HTC One. The HTC One comes with a 5-inch display. It also measures 5.7 by 2.7 inches. The diagram indicates that the latest iPhone model will offer a new phablet on the market. It appears Apple will be venturing into the hybrid industry. 

Apple has stayed away previously from the larger handset group. The company kept to its series of handsets. However, analysts also noted before that if the company tried foraying into hybrids, it may be able to get additional market share. 

Samsung started the hybrid/phablet trend back in 2011 when it released the Galaxy Note spanning 5.3 inches. Tech manufacturers like LG, Nokia and HTC followed suit. Mashable also reported that the iPhone 6 will be featuring more fitness functions and improved mapping.

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