Apple’s iPhone 6 Can Break Records and Kill Samsung Galaxy S5

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Apple's iPhone 6 will be different from other iPhone launches because of its two size options. If Apple pushes through with the anticipated 5.5-inch version, it will be the first time the company will participate in the phablet competition. Analysts continue to bank on the iPhone 6's phablet version to deliver Apple incremental sales. According to predictions, the iPhone 6 will likely have a big "opening weekend" breaking Samsung's record of selling 10million Galaxy S5 handsets in 25 days. Can Apple do it? 

According to The Motley Fool's Ashraf Eassa, Apple's product launches stand out from competitors because they do not happen as often. The company usually goes for "once-per-year extravaganzas" gaining attention from the media, consumers and investors unlike any other. The main selling point of Apple this time is that the iPhone 6 offers an ideal compromise. 

Statistics and surveys do not lie. Apple has done a good job with the iPhone 5s posting excellent sales and satisfaction results. According to stats from Kantar, Apple increased its market share in five out of nine countries because of the iPhone 5s' strong performance. Specifically, the iPhone performed strongly in countries such as Spain, France, UK, Australian and the strongest in Japan. Apple's first quarter market share went up from 49% to 57.6% this year. 

South Korean firm, Marketing Insight, on the other hand, conducted a satisfaction survey putting iPhone 5s ahead of the pack. According to the report quoted by Ohmy News: "The satisfaction score of Apple products was 798 out of 1000 which made Apple take the first place with almost 200 points of gap between domestic products. LG, Samsung and Pantech had gained 609, 600, and 577 respectively, which are of more or less the same score." 

The performance of the iPhone 5s offers a great insight on how Apple is doing in the market. The natural line of thought would be if the company will offer a better version of the iPhone 5s then the device will post better results. The Motley Fool's report also noted that if Apple's strategy continues to work for the company, it does not see any point of changing that approach.  

The iPhone 5 series introduced a different type of chassis that placed the iPhone on a whole new level for smartphones. It also shipped with the fastest mobile processor architecture yet and the Touch ID. The iPhone 6 will likely target the loyal customer base of Apple while also attracting new ones because of its new features. The large screen sector is another section Apple can gain market share from. However, it is also point of concern for analysts if the upcoming handset can cannibalize iPad sales. A larger screen phone experience meant competition for Apple's tablet series. 

Apple has not released an official statement about the final features of the iPhone 6. 

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